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Comment: Re:Jesus (Score 2) 102

The title needlessly brought in "virgin birth". There are other scientific terms, like asexual reproduction, parthenogenesis etc. So take your beef to the editors needlessly adding a religious color to some innocuous scientific observation.

Also I have been around enough theists who would take a random scientific fact and argue it was predicted in scriptures. "Koran has referenced this fact of embryology" "Bible has always known the world was round" "The Manduk Upanishad has a verse describing the Schrodinger's Equation" "The fundamental particles electron, proton and neutron represent the Holy Trinity" "The Shaivaite philosophy that holds the dance of Shiva permeates the universe and is the fundamental cosmic energy is same as molecular vibrations providing temperature/heat energy in thermodynamics".

Score card?

The atheists are woefully outclassed by theists when it comes to linking random collection of (often inconsistent) scientific facts to religious principles to bolster their point of view.

Comment: Gilding the lily diminishes it. (Score 1) 93

by 140Mandak262Jamuna (#49816539) Attached to: The Artificial Pancreas For Diabetics Is Nearly Here
Unless the device makes insulin on demand, it ain't artificial pancreas. It releases insulin stored in a tank, mimicking the action of the pancreas, but the tank has to be refilled from external sources of insulin. But still it is a great advance. Why do they have to ruin a good article by needlessly hyping it in the title?

Comment: Wow! They will stop once the legal power is gone (Score 1) 492

You really think they will stop just because the legal justification they claimed is gone? They will just invent a new legal theory to justify what they have always done, what they always do, and what they have always been planning to do.

Comment: the 80 bit issue is well known (Score 4, Insightful) 98

Intel chips provide 80 bit floating point registers, but the storage is 64 bits. GCC would let you compute all calc in 80 bits all registers are loaded with 64 bit fetch and final result is stored in 64 bits. Intermediate results are 80 bit accurate. Some carefully written expressions can limit their truncation errors.

This is well known. I had a bug in a tree class due to this. The key stored in the instance was 64 bit, but the compare class evaluated and compared it in 80 bits. One of the most difficult bugs I ever encountered. Highly recursive calls to the compare function failing once in about a billion calls... But that was almost 10 or 12 years ago.

But one thing. GCC handled the truncations correctly. It allows the 80 bit evaluations turned off by compiler options. I don't mix GCC with msvcrt so I am not sure how old / new this is. My 80 bit adventure was in Linux on Intel chips.

Comment: 5 billion is nothing compared to ... (Score 4, Insightful) 349

.. to what what industries get out of government. Heck, some oil tycoons saw the first gulf war where USA kicked Saddam out of Kuwait, and figured it would be a cakewalk to kick him out of Baghdad and install some puppets and get all the oil in Iraq on the cheap. Got two oil men elected as POTUS and VPOTUS, launched a smoke and mirrors campaign and got us into a war that has taken 1 trillion and counting. If the gamble paid off, they would have gained a few billion dollars. But it didn't, but they didn't lose 1 trillion dollars we, the taxpayers did.

Compared to the shenanigans of the coal and oil businesses, even if it is true, this 5 billion is nothing. But most likely it is a hit piece commissioned by the same people who brought you the Iraq war. That one was expansion attempt. Now they are defending the home turf, public utilities using gas and coal. Entrenched monopolies who have never faced competition, lightly regulated by revolving door politicians, lobbyists and company men.

Comment: Unlimited 4MP pics (Score 1) 175

Google backup storage is 15 GB free shared across all Google+ products. Google docs, drive, photos, chats etc etc. Photos below 4MP (Says 2048 x 2048 instead of 4MP dont know why) resolution does not count against the quota. Higher resolution pics count against your quota. Storage price is 2$ per month for 100GB and 10$ per month for 1 TB. Need a credit card and auto recharge every month.

The price is not bad, but auto charge every month is a pain. I usually don't leave any active credit card number attached to my accounts (amazon or google wallet or ...) for long. Used to create virtual numbers with dollar limit and leave them on. But citi virtual cards numbers are usable by one merchant per number. Amazon has so many entities it is a pain dealing with mismatched virtual numbers.

Should create a virtual number for my google wallet with a low limit like 1000$ or so. It is crazy what laziness does to you. My IPass is on auto recharge, they don't send monthly statements, they take two to three days to post the charges, so you cant check the charges as soon as you return from a trip. Three days later you forget and you get lazy to log in and check the transactions.... Knowing how lazy I am, I am very wary of leaving an active number on a web account. Protection against being hacked and charged tons of money is purely an added bonus.

Comment: Re:It's always Stage III (Score 1) 72

I think too, not sure, but with the third stage usually you're fully ballistic when it's running. (don't need to fight gravity)

Earth's gravitational field is so vast, it has the Moon in its clutches, you never get so far you don't feel gravity. The term escape velocity much misunderstood, you don't escape Earth's gravity. It means the centripetal acceleration (v/r) is greater than gravitational acceleration. It means the orbit is not a closed curve (ellipse) but an open one (parabola or hyperbola). After some altitude the air resistance falls to near zero and you don't have to fight the drag, that is all. Also the term ballistic comes from the word "ball", as in cannon ball. The study of trajectories of cannon balls, shells etc. In the ballistic stage of the flight, there is no thrust from the rocket engines and the vehicle moves purely like a ball shot of an artillery piece, governed by gravity and air resistance.

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