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Comment: Can't eat Internet (Score 1) 40

People are living in (comparatively speaking, anyway) shithole ghetto countries with an extremely low standard of living, and you want them to get the Internet? Expensive Internet, at that? What the actual fuck? Only the 1% richest people in these 'equatorial regions' will end up with access, the poor will still be fucking poor and in many places starving. How about you invest that money in getting rid of local warlords, drug cartels, corrupt governments, and other assholes that profit from keeping people down and out so they can live high on the hog? How about you invest that money in helping people to improve their lives? This makes no sense whatsoever, unless you factor in the 'publicity' factor; I'm sure these assholes think it makes them look real humanitarian and all that crap to the rest of the world. I call bullshit on the whole thing.

Comment: Re:Why are the number of cabs [artificially] limit (Score 1) 46

by phantomfive (#47436353) Attached to: Lyft's New York Launch Halted By Restraining Order

maybe we should think about stupid regulation versus smart regulation

YES thankyou for saying this, you are amazing. Everytime I hear someone engaging in an argument saying, "regulation is bad!" "no, regulation is good!" I hang my head in wonder at the stupidity involved. Couldn't it possibly be that there are some good regulations, and some bad regulations, and that the wise choice is to both oppose and favor regulations at the same time?

Comment: Re:Yay big government! (Score 1) 295

It's not me that is making it an either/or proposition. There are some posters who always claim that business is inherently better then government due to government having a monopoly on force.
I agree that you can have government without the regulatory bodies that exist to help the regulated industries though how to get there I'm not sure.

Comment: Re:I'm shocked! (Score 1) 218

by dryeo (#47436247) Attached to: William Binney: NSA Records and Stores 80% of All US Audio Calls

Politicians really hate being spied on or even having their publicly available stuff made public. My PM has never eaten in public as its private yet him and his crew continuously push for laws to spy on everyone and keep all the data, for the children. First it was child porn and anyone not with the government were child molesters and now it is internet bullies.
The minister who was really pushing spying to stop child porn got very uptight when his publicly available divorce papers were published and everyone found out that he was screwing the babysitter for 8 years while married.
This is the real problem with politicians and such, they assume everyone is crooked like them.

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Only for your narrow view of audiophile. A true audiophile wouldn't consider any of Klipsch stuff off audiophile quality. There are 2 zeroes missing from the price tag.

Also no better is a matter of both subjective and objective opinion. Speakers are the one thing very easy to tell apart in a blind test. If you're going to build a proper sound system, spend thousands on speakers and hundreds on everything else.

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