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Comment: Obummer cares! (Score 1) 270

by 12WTF$ (#46812993) Attached to: Expert Warns: Civilian World Not Ready For Massive EMP-Caused Blackout

For those with tl;dr disease, a quick review of why the FIRST POSTer's comment (well done sir) is worth every mod point.

Reading summary: this seems pretty stupid and a little fear-mongery for slashdot.
Click link: Fox news, figures. Usual shit reporting and lack of detail. Obamacare not mentioned anywhere in article.
Click link in article to not much more detail, more zomg fear crap, still no mention of obamacare.
Read comments on ok, I’m out

The last part about the comment section of (trust me dont go there) consists mainly
of a turgid stream of inane comments from a single commenter (Obummer) such as:

ALERT! ALERT!! The Worst Rated Solar Flare in 2006 LASTED FOR 10 MINUTES!!
EXPERTS ESTIMATE!! Pay 2 Billion or 2 Million Will Die!!!!

But through this shite storm shines one gem :

I had a friend whose sister's husband's ex-wife's step-daughter's 1st husband made $87,000 last month selling EMP protective clothing made from recycled tin foil. You can too. Check it out at

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by 12WTF$ (#46504561) Attached to: NASA-Funded Study Investigates Collapse of Industrial Civilization

The laws of supply and demand will move fast enough to ensure disaster is adverted.

On this point only, can I agree with you (at least with the sense of your typo): The disaster will be advertized (:-()
The speed of global communications means the disaster will be known about very quickly.

Enough flim flam.
Your simple economics model is for simple minds: "If steak gets too expensive, you can buy chicken cheaper"

As resources get scarce and harder to extract, the price rises.

Possibly very true for quick responding consumer trinket markets, but quite the wrong theory (as in too simple) for high stakes long term resource extraction.
As these resources gets more expensive to acquire and becomes less reliable (more of a gamble vs a good investment) as the required LONG lead time, development of newer lower grade, more expensive resource reserves REDUCES as the investment is seen as poor. This is happening today to many non renewable, vital-to-civilization resources.
Example: If oil 'runs out' (as in gets too expensive due to decreased production due to expensive exploration not done) how fast is your definition of fast when the american auto fleet has to convert to electric vehicles?
The oil majors to satisfy their pension fund shareholders require good quarterly figures and are selling off assets as the high stakes gambles on finding more, easy oil have not panned out over the last couple of years. And it's getting worse, fast.

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by 12WTF$ (#46504211) Attached to: Aussie Attorney General's War On Encrypted Web Services

New Zealand is going (maybe) to get a new flag (new FLAG, I said, oh what this isnt 4chan, nevermind) well anyway the Enzedders are planning a nice black flag with a silver fern leaf. Like the logo of their football team, the All Blacks. Classy.Very nice.
I would like to see as new Australian flag which replaces the English cross (the combination of wales england and scotland crosses) (oh there's a thought... what if Scotland _does_ leave the United Kingdom. Does this mean all the ex-commonwealth countries have to remove the scottish part of the english cross that would make it a standard double cross rather than the superb triple cross that says 'UK - once we had an empire but we still own all the banks').
So lets put a red kangaroo up there instead, makes it very friendly a la Qantas (Tony, if you are on slashdot tonight for policy ideas, how about licensing the red roo logo from Qantas say $250m per year. Joycey is awaiting your call...)
Yes a nice friendly welcoming kangaroo (unless you're trying to sneak passed the Abbot drones. Refugees: "Nobody wants us, because we didn't come by Qantas")....
OK where were we? that flag idea? The way this mob of sheeple here are so insipid, probably they'll go for a upgrade on the Southern Cross to the Southern Swastika (subtle eh?). Rupert would LOVE it.

Comment: Dark Matter decays to Bottomonium? (Score 1) 135

by 12WTF$ (#46438397) Attached to: Dinosaurs Done In By... Dark Matter?

Article extract:

The signal is very well fit by a 31-40 GeV dark matter particle annihilating to bb_ *** with a density of 0.3 GeV/cm^3.

*** bb_ (note: that's a bottom quark and a bottom antiquark)

WIkipedia "Bottom quark":

There are many bottomonium states .... These consist of a bottom quark and its antiparticle.

Conclusion: Dark matter decays to a state of bottomonium.

Comment: Specifications - Discuss (Score 1) 374

by 12WTF$ (#46343227) Attached to: Report: Space Elevators Are Feasible

Length: 100,000km, anchored on the Earth with a large mass floating in the ocean and a large counterweight at the top end, called an Apex Anchor.
Width: One meter
Design: Woven with multiple strands to absorb localized damage and curved to ensure edge-on small size hits do not sever the tether.
External Power: The power must be external as the gravity well is extreme and lifting your own power is a non-starter.
Dr. Edwards’ approach was to use large lasers pointing up to the climber with a “solar panel like” receiver on its nadir position.
Cargo: The first few years will enable 20ton payloads without humans [radiation tolerance an issue for the two week trip] with five concurrent payloads on the tether for the two-week trip to GEO. [Currently, the plan is seven concurrent payloads for one-week travel.]

What could possibly go right?

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by 12WTF$ (#46284059) Attached to: Obama To Ask For $1 Billion Climate Change Fund

A submarine landslide might release a Gigaton of carbon as methane (Archer, 2007), but the radiative effect of that would be small, about equal in magnitude (but opposite in sign) to the radiative forcing from a volcanic eruption.

That cherry.
Let's talk about the effect on climate change of the release of tens of thousands times more CH4 than a hypothetical submarine landslides.

Comment: Re:There are no comments (Score 3, Informative) 410

by 12WTF$ (#46263651) Attached to: Obama To Ask For $1 Billion Climate Change Fund

...what is the Equilibrium Climate Sensitivity? That's the Billion dollar question...


Now why are we crying about a meagre $1B to get that answer?

Re the " Apocalyptic Global Warmists ":, we are more concerned with methane tipping points
(you know, when we burn enough carbon to warm the oceans and atmosphere so the TRILLIONS of tons of
methane in permafrost and in undersea clathrate deposits are emitted). That promises runaway climate change.

Comment: Re:There are no comments (Score 3, Informative) 410

by 12WTF$ (#46263197) Attached to: Obama To Ask For $1 Billion Climate Change Fund

There is no scientific consensus on what should be done about global warming.

The commonly accepted way to reduce climate change (archaic form: global warming) is to reduce emissions of greenhouse gasses (GHG).
The largest sources of human caused GHG emissions are a. coal fired electricity generation b. industrial agriculture.
The total CO2 equivalent emitted by you, me and what we consume, every year is 30 Billion tons.
That needs to be reduced by at least 50% within two decades or so.

Coal fired electricity generation produces prodigious amounts of CO2.
The problem with reducing coal based emissions is many fold:
on one side are entrenched interests in coal mining, and built infrastructure, that influence politics and public opinion.
Renewables were once very expensive but are competitive now. The mass production of PV panels shows what can be achieved.
The Germans have done a great deal of research to evolve technology solutions to maintain modern lifestyles.

Industrial agriculture produces prodigious amounts of CH4 (aka methane).
The waste of up-converting feed stock into live stock will be reduced by increasingly poorer climate conditions.
Since the ratio of petrochemical energy in to food energy out is something like 10:1 all food will get expensive
as fuel costs keep rising with the inexorable increased cost of oil exploitation (aka peak oil).

Obama's $1B will fund a lot of US research to help you maintain your life without ruining the earth's ecological systems

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