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by 12WTF$ (#48054213) Attached to: MIT Study Outlines a 'Perfect' Solar Cell

Hints for paywall circumnavigation:
Google $FirstAuthorsName + $SomeUniquePartOfArticleTitle
Example: Jeffrey Chou Selective Solar Absorption
Scan the results and avoid all that steer back to the paywall.
Find anything? No? That's usual.
Next try adding the $MagicWord = pdf
Example: Jeffrey Chou Selective Solar Absorption pdf
Look carefully at results. Maybe you will find a prepublication copy somewhere?
This will at least give you a flavour of the research work and might tempt you to support the $BILLION science publishing scam^H^H^H^H industry

Comment: Firechat app in Hong Kong. Now. (Score 5, Interesting) 153

by 12WTF$ (#48026029) Attached to: LTE Upgrade Will Let Phones Connect To Nearby Devices Without Towers

Right now, this is happening in Hong Kong:

In Hong Kong, pro-democracy demonstrators are looking for new ways to communicate.

News about the protests in Hong Kong have been suppressed in mainland China, where the picture sharing site Instagram has been blocked. Messages posted to Sina Weibo, a Chinese microblogging site similar to Twitter, are being blocked in far greater numbers than normal. And on Sunday, rumours reportedly circulated that the authorities in Hong Kong might shut down the city's cellular networks.

In response, a different type of social network has come to the fore. The Firechat app allows smartphone users to talk to one another "off-the-grid", in the absence of a mobile signal or access to the internet. By making use of Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, messages are spread in a daisy chain fashion, jumping from one user to the next. The system is particularly effective when large numbers of people are congregated together - like at a music festival, or a political protest.

Micha Benoliel, CEO of Open Garden, the firm that makes the app, tells BBC Trending there has been a huge surge in downloads from Hong Kong, as more than 100,000 new accounts have been created in less than 24 hours. Usage spiked during protests in Taiwan and Iran earlier this year, but never before on this scale, says Benoliel.

Inside the app discussions are arranged either according to theme, or how close you are to other users. At one point on Sunday 33,000 people in Hong Kong were using the app at the same time.


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by 12WTF$ (#47999023) Attached to: IBM Solar Concentrator Can Produce12kW/day, Clean Water, and AC

Flat mirrors, maybe

Which is what this thing uses.


Follow the links

The inside of the parabolic dish is covered with 36 elliptic mirrors made of 0.2-millimeter-thin recyclable plastic foil with a silver coating,
which are then curved using a slight vacuum.

A new ultra-high concentration 12 KWel – 20 KWth unit, currently under development, jointly with IBM research Zurich.
The system implements a multi-mirror parabolic dish topology (40 m2 active surface area) and will achieve concentrations beyond 2,000 suns.

Some say 12KWh/day electric cause of the cascading failure of non-engineering descriptions.
I say 100KWh/day electric and 160KWh/day thermal, (it's a beast).
Quoted 12KW electric and 20KW thermal output.
Some math: 40 m2 * 80% * 1KW/m2 = 32KW (consistency check: yep that's 12KW+20KW)
Assume 8hr/day near maximum input because it's tracking the sun.

ALSO: 40m2 area is about 7m diameter.
If you had one in your backyard to run your home:
4m diameter: 30KWh/day el and 50KWh/day th. That's a big big house with many kids (you're Xtian right?)
3m diameter: 17KWh/day el and 28KWh/day th. That's a good fit for most families
2m diameter: 7.5KWh/day el and 12KWh/day th. That's a good fit for singles.

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by 12WTF$ (#47914661) Attached to: Extent of Antarctic Sea Ice Reaches Record Levels

Bringing up Al Gore does prove something. That there exists powerful people who have exaggerated the impact of climate change in order to accumulate further power and wealth. Of course, this doesn't change any scientific facts, but its an important consideration when evaluating any proposed policy changes.

Bringing up the Koch brother conspiracy does prove something. That there exists powerful people who have actively degraded the message of the impact of climate change in order to accumulate further power and wealth. Of course, this doesn't change any scientific facts, but its an important consideration when evaluating why there are no effective policy changes.

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BMW Werk Leipzig Germany, where the electric and hybrid BMW i3 and i8 are manufactured, has 4x 2.5 MW wind turbines that more than cover the 36GWHr/year electricity used. The Leipzig Werk also manufactures X1, 1er and 2er series gas burners.
The factory tour to watch the birth of an i3 is awesome. There are a number of youtube video of the process as well.

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ROFL quote from TFA:

“Steve Ballmer tried to convince the mayor that it would be a bad decision to switch to open source, because it’s not something an administration can rely on. ...And it just got worse for Microsoft’s boss. “The mayor was preparing for a meeting with Steve Ballmer, and because English is not his native language, he asked his interpreter: ‘What shall I say if I don’t have the right words?’ And the interpreter replied: ‘Stay calm, think and say: What else can you offer?’

Later on during the meeting, the mayor was quickly at the point where he had nothing to say to Ballmer, except for ‘What else can you offer?’ several times.
Years later, he heard that Ballmer was deeply impressed by how hard he was in negotiations!"

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Really simple method of disposal is incineration of high level nuclear waste:
1. it solves the long term storage problem as there is no longer any reason for long term thinking.
2. it solves the human overpopulation problem (creating real zombies with flesh hanging off 'em)
3. since huge radiation release is guaranteed, no need to build expensive containment vessels for nuke power stations...
4. more nukes, more incineration, more more MORE MORE moar! MOAR !! MOAR !!!.

Argh! Mein Fuhrer I kann valk!

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I can't see why anyone can afford to spend another minute thinking that thorium is going to be economic.

further clarification: economic in the US and its vassal states tied by such shackles as the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP)

When China and/or India (smirk) start running a major portion of their economy on "pure green clean thorium" I expect the US will implement a raft of hasty patent reform bills, maybe with IV facing RICO charges as inducement to turn over thorium patents for the "benefit of mankind"/national security.

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Direct money toward large nuclear reactors!

Yes.Now.Do It.

Because they've burnt through all the trillion$ already thrown at them.

Cannot the Fed just install the printing presses on site so that the newly minted Benjamins tip directly into the nuclear core?

Solar burns Hydrogen to produce Helium, generating clean e- and hot water.
Wind bumps off a few birds and produces lots of pain for incumbent generators
Thermal burns coal/gas/oil to produce CO2 and will cook the planet before too long (your opinion may vary)
Nuclear just burns lots of money and a tiny bit of Uranium and "aint going hurt anyone in 200,000 years time".

Serving coffee on aircraft causes turbulence.