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Comment: Re:For me it's Windows NT 3.1 (Score 1) 187

by dbIII (#49756995) Attached to: 25 Years Today - Windows 3.0

Windows was not a true OS until Windows 95

That ran on MSDOS as well, all the way up to Win ME. WinNT was the cut down VMS inspired thing that finally got us off the cut down CP/M clone.
Microsoft have always been a "me too" company, which is a description not a criticism since it was often about doing something involved on far cheaper hardware than the competition.

Comment: Re:More than PR (Score 1) 345

by dbIII (#49756793) Attached to: What Was the Effect of Rand Paul's 10-Hour "Filibuster"?
I just can't see why so many people think of her in an American context when she knew fuck-all about the west. If Stalin had parachuted a writer into the USA with instructions on writing something to undermine democracy it wouldn't have been as effective as the damage that Rand did with her rants about anything that wasn't aristocracy.
It's "twilight" for people who think they were born to rule.

Comment: Re:Effect? (Score 1) 345

by dbIII (#49756767) Attached to: What Was the Effect of Rand Paul's 10-Hour "Filibuster"?
Translation for the slow - name dropping tells me nothing especially since what you have referred to has nothing to do with paralysis of government.
So, instead of hiding behind name dropping that has nothing to do with the topic please let us know why you think a government that is unable to function, thus letting the unelected run things, is such a good thing?

Until you have, there is no possibility of having a rational discussion.

Pretending to take offence and be too stupid to get the point is cowardice.


Video Games: Gateway To a Programming Career? 145

Posted by Soulskill
from the also-gateway-to-doritos dept.
Nerval's Lobster writes: Want more people to program? Encourage them to play more video games, at least according to Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg. In an online Q&A, Zuckerberg suggested that a lifetime spent playing video games could prep kids and young adults for careers as programmers. "I actually think giving people the opportunity to play around with different stuff is one of the best things you can do," he told the audience. "I definitely would not have gotten into programming if I hadn't played games as a kid." A handful of games, most notably Minecraft, already have a reputation for encouraging kids to not only think analytically, but also modify the gaming environment — the first steps toward actually wrestling with code. Those of you who have done programming work in your career: did video games influence your path?

How Java Changed Programming Forever 368

Posted by samzenpus
from the changing-the-game dept.
snydeq writes: With Java hitting its 20th anniversary this week, Elliotte Rusty Harold discusses how the language changed the art and business of programming, turning on a generation of coders. Infoworld reports: "Java's core strength was that it was built to be a practical tool for getting work done. It popularized good ideas from earlier languages by repackaging them in a format that was familiar to the average C coder, though (unlike C++ and Objective-C) Java was not a strict superset of C. Indeed it was precisely this willingness to not only add but also remove features that made Java so much simpler and easier to learn than other object-oriented C descendants."

Factory Reset On Millions of Android Devices Doesn't Wipe Storage 90

Posted by samzenpus
from the stucking-around dept.
Bismillah writes: Ross Anderson and Laurent Simon of Cambridge University studied a range of Android devices and found that even though a "factory reset" is supposed to fully wipe storage, it often doesn't. Interestingly enough, full-device encryption could be compromised by the incomplete wiping too. ITnews reports: "The researchers estimated that 500 million Android devices may not fully wipe device disk partitions. As many as 630 million phones may not wipe internal SD cards. Five 'critical failures' were outlined in the researchers' Security Analysis of Android Factory Resets paper.

Comment: Re:Effect? (Score 1) 345

by dbIII (#49749317) Attached to: What Was the Effect of Rand Paul's 10-Hour "Filibuster"?

Again, rather than tossing accusations & insults

Good point, it appears that instead you may be advocating something more like the Iranian model where there are elected officials but they have no actual say in running the country.
Is that more like it?
If not, then say what you mean instead of this childish shit of suggesting we are better of with something other than an elected government.

Comment: Re:0 terminated strings are the root of all exploi (Score 1) 69

I disagree. We do _not_ need the "cheap" programmers as what they write has negative worth. The reason C persists is simple: It is the best tool for quite a few jobs and it is a good tool in the hands of an expert. The damage caused is indeed unnecessary, but it is never a tool's fault when it is wielded incompetently.

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