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+ - New Air Conditioner Process cuts energy use 50-90%-> 2

Submitted by necro81
necro81 (917438) writes "The U.S. National Renewable Energy Laboratory has announced that it has developed a new method for air conditioning that reduces energy use by 50-90%. The DEVap system cools air using evaporative cooling, which is not new, but combines the process with a liquid dessicant for pulling the water vapor out of the cooled air stream. The liquid dessicant, a very strong aqueous solution of lithium chloride or sodium chloride, is separated from the air stream by a permeable hydrophobic membrane. Heat is later used to evaporate water vapor back out — heat that can come from a variety of sources such as solar or natural gas. The dessicants are, compared to typical refrigerants like HCFCs, relatively safe for the environment."
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Comment: Inconsistency in the story (Score 2, Interesting) 347

by 1 inch punch (#32623854) Attached to: Wikileaks Source Outed To Stroke Hacker's Own Ego

>>Lamo says that Manning thereafter sent him additional emails encrypted to his current PGP key, but that Lamo never bothered to decrypt them. Instead, Lamo claims he turned over all those Manning emails to the FBI without ever reading a single one of them. Thus, the actual initial communications between Manning and Lamo -- what preceded and led to their chat -- are completely unknown.

The only way that the FBI could've read the emails without having Lamo himself first decrypt them, is to allow the FBI access to his secret key and password. You be the judge on the plausibility of that happening.

Comment: What's going to happen is.... (Score 1) 102

by 1 inch punch (#32573958) Attached to: AT&T Breach May Be Worse Than Initially Thought

Knowing how large companies work; Chris is going to get a subpoena to appear in court to provide his self-proclaimed expert testimony and Goatse Security is going to get charged with illegal computer access, which, by their own admission, did occur.

And then everyone is going to forget about this and get right back to watching the World Cup.

Comment: Grandstanding (Score 1) 348

by 1 inch punch (#32533886) Attached to: Google Researcher Issues How-To On Attacking XP

>>Finally, a reminder that this documents contains my own opinions, I do not speak for or represent anyone but myself.
Didn't see where the Google association was, but judged in isolation it appears to be nothing more than grandstanding since 5 days doesn't seem to be reasonably enough time to respond.

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