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Comment: Re:Habeas corpus (Score 1) 400

by Mr. Slippery (#47813165) Attached to: In Maryland, a Soviet-Style Punishment For a Novelist

Do you know how many courts have ruled it self-defense to react to the police with lethal force if they try to arrest you wrongfully? In America we have dozens of these cases at state and federal levels

Can you cite one from the 20th century? I've only seen 19th century cases on this. Thanks.

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by Mr. Slippery (#47809151) Attached to: In Maryland, a Soviet-Style Punishment For a Novelist

What it does reveal is the attitude of the local reporters who appear to be somewhat supportive or at the very least neutral to the police action.

Maryland's Eastern Shore is an island (well, a peninsula) of old-fashioned ignorance.

If the author of a Tea Party manifesto were treated this way, local reporters would be up in arms. But here the author is a black man.

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by Mr. Slippery (#47809049) Attached to: Uber Now Blocked All Over Germany

I find it interesting how everyone emphasizes freedom of speech yet freedom to trade is heavily restricted but is not considered a basic human right.

Because it's not. Trade exists only where property exists. Property exists only where a state exists -- "ownership" is exactly and only the ability to call on state force to maintain your control of something. Trace any claim of "property" back and you find a state-issued piece of paper, a land or resource deed.

Used properly, property and trade are ways that we help protect basic human rights. They are not rights in themselves. Our neglect of that principle is at the root of many of the world's problems today.

Comment: *not* a low fat diet (Score 2, Interesting) 411

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"The low-fat group included more grains, cereals and starches in their diet. They reduced their total fat intake to less than 30 percent of their daily calories, which is in line with the federal governmentâ(TM)s dietary guidelines."

This is not a low-fat diet. The 30% recommendation was an incredibly tepid compromise: the standard American diet is around 35% fat. So this its along the lines of telling peoople "Oh, you smoke 35 cigarettes a week? Try to keep it to 30."

For comparison, the Ornish plan is around 10% calories from fat.

So this study compared a high-fat, high-sugar diet (no restrictions on an America's sugar intake == high sugar) with a higher-fat, no-sugar diet. The usual crap research that people tout as showing low-carb diets useful.

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by Mr. Slippery (#47800073) Attached to: Microsoft Defies Court Order, Will Not Give Emails To US Government

...if the Chinese government wants records for an American citizen's account at Bank of America, then America will have no reason to protest since BofA has offices in China, and the principle of extra-territorial subpoenas has been established. If Microsoft loses this case, it will be a terrible precedent, and a victory for oppressive governments all around the world.

So don't do business with banks that have offices in other countries. Move your business to your local credit union. Demonstrating that big banks can be legally required to divulge your data to governments in any country where they operate sounds like a way to break banks' power a bit, and thus a win for humanity.

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by Mr. Slippery (#47787177) Attached to: Japanese Publishers Lash Out At Amazon's Policies

Bwahaha you slackjawed imbecile, you realise you've just described the actual outcomes of everything marxist?

Bwa-ha-ha you slack-jawed imbecile, you realize there are more possible ways to structure an economy than capitalist so-called "free markets", and Marxism-degraded-into-Stalinism-or-Maoism, right?

On maybe, like most Americans brought up on a century of Red Scares, you don't.

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The argument is that a concerted push to end sexism *just for women* is itself sexist.

Yes, it is. But for any given instance of sexism against women, some making a push to end it will be motivated only to end sexism against women, and some will be motivated to end all sexism. Thus one cannot determine merely from participation in, or advocacy for, a specific attempt to end an instance of misogynist sexism, whether one is merely misandrist or is truly in favor of equality.

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How many women fly fish? Not many. Guess how much sexism there is keeping women from fly fishing? Zero.

You post about how it's important to provide evidence for a hypothesis, then spit out a hypothesis about sexism with zero evidence for it. That's so remarkably thick-headed I have to think that maybe you're engaged in some sort of meta-troll? If not, then let me point out that a minute with the search engine of your choice can help prevent you saying stupid things:

Angling and Sexism


Wanton Sexism in Fly Fishing (What is Going On?)

Bait Shop Sexism

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Why not let women do what they want instead of trying to force them in to places that aren't necessarily their thing?

I see no "force" here. I see no objectification here. You are using hotbutton keywords that have no relevance.

If a certain group of people don't feel invited to your thing, it's entirely appropriate to re-write your invitation. If your infrastructure isn't supportive of a certain demographic, it's entirely appropriate to remediate that.

OTOH, if (at TFA suggests) you've got a demographic that's socialized to avoid conflict, and you've got a project that inherently involves conflict between different POV, you've got a problem.

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Ummm, Bing is not Yahoo. Yahoo is Bing.

3% isn't great. But Apple only has 10%. So it's not *that* far behind what most people consider the leader.

IE is dead second. Well behind Chrome but way ahead of Firefox etc.

Bing is also the default search engine for the iPhone. So I guess that means Apple is in on this conspiracy to cram Bing down everyone's throats.

We are Microsoft. Unix is irrelevant. Openness is futile. Prepare to be assimilated.