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Comment Re:securelevel who? (Score 1) 683

so Linus can turn it off if he wants

I don't know anything about this technical controversy, but I know enough about software to know that this attitude is fucking poison.

Linux isn't a democracy. Committees don't produce good design in any context, whether it be code, or art, or even government - if it works, there is always a coherent vision driving it.

If you don't like that vision, by all means, prove it wrong by competing with your own, but don't push the belief that increasing complexity with a hodge podge of solutions that try to please everyone is ever good design. That always leads to failure.

Comment Re:Hmmmm (Score 1, Troll) 920

So she's a social justice warrior troll doing this for attention? Called it earlier.

Since we're predicting things, I'm predicting you're a gamer gater conspiracy theorist who yells "SJW!" when you step on a Lego.

You do realize you're an actualized stereotype, right? You're who feminists visualize when they want to feel good about being right.

Comment Re:"Women don't like trash talk, be more sensitive (Score 2) 920

Projection? You're denying the elephant in the room. Rather than dig up all the feminist teeth gnashing over this when it was news two years ago, let's just get it from the filly's mouth:

I don't think this is a gendered topic.

Two questions later...

I think that my perspective is somewhat coloured by both my gender and my age... So I think they picked up a little bit of the brogrammer culture... that just doesn't work for people who aren't men

Oh dear, gender essentialism... tsk tsk. There's nothing preventing women from learning and appreciating this "brogrammer culture". Women have done it forever, until feminist called them "cool girls" and started shaming them.

Comment Why spend money to keep an old computer relevant? (Score 1) 128

Just do what I do, get one of these, and use monitors with at least three inputs. There's actually quite a few that do DVI, HDMI, and either Mini DisplayPort or VGA.

But oh noes, you'll have to change the monitor inputs individually. No KVM is going to let you swap them independently of the keyboard/mouse, at least not one that costs less than a whole computer, which poses the question - why are you fetishizing your laptop? What can you possibly run on it that won't run on the desktop PCs? And if it is so important, why not give it a dedicated monitor?

Comment Re:Not all workers are equal. (Score 1) 430

because all four have the same job title

Only insecure people care about job titles, competent people want cash over ego-inflating substitutes. And if they're not morons, they'll understand that $specialized_skill demands a higher salary. After all, what's stopping them from learning $specialized_skill themselves?

Comment Re:Very Disturbing Trend (Score 1) 1083

So now we have a right out of thin air that has been left to the states in every form since the founding of our country.

You're actually saying that human beings made up the right to marry out of thin air. You actually believe that people need the government's permission, contingent on the laws dreamed up by the bumbling retards who live around them (for the tax base, natch!), to formalize what millions of years of pair bonding instinct have people do anyway.

You ever stop to think that maybe marriage isn't mentioned in the Constitution because they didn't know that future generations would be as stupid as you?

Today and yesterday really and truly make me afraid of our freedoms moving forward.

No they don't. You're a histrionic drama queen. You're not afraid, you're just mad because the bigots lost.

Comment Oh, brainwane, what happened? You used to be cool. (Score 1) 117

It seems to be a social justice tech pundit initiation ritual to attack Linus Torvalds' management style and the culture that surrounds the Linux kernel.

It's not a bug, it's a feature. It's not supposed to be welcoming, it is supposed to be a filter, because the wanna-bees far outnumber the bees. Complaining about it is like complaining about the nature of special forces training. It is demanding, unsympathetic, and hostile to failure for a damned good reason - because the cost of failure is high, higher than every other open source project. The claim that that is what keeps women out is self-defeating, because you're not advocating for women, you're calling them weak and incompetent far more plainly the dog whistling of the Internet misogynist.

No one is obliged to change their culture to suit the delicate sensibilities of someone else. You want to fit in with a foreign culture, the onus is on you to change, not the other way around. If you want more women to participate in the Linux kernel, the onus is on you to change how the wider culture indoctrinates women, so that they can learn how to correctly perceive the nuance that exists in that style of hyperbolic insulting criticism, which most men understand even if they don't like it.

Give it a chance and I think you'll find that it's a lot more fun and honest and helpful than the passive aggressive style of criticism that the social justice cult considers "constructive".

Comment No, it won't (Score 4, Interesting) 105

Right winger before denial became untenable: you can't trust the models! Climate change is a hoax!

Right winger after denial became untenable: our models say geo-engineering is safe and will work! Trust us!

If you can't get the political will to do the simple safe thing, you won't get it to do the complex reckless thing.

Comment Re:Its about child support (Score 2) 374

You both made a decision to have sex, knowing that contraception is not 100% reliable and that the other person could be lying, and decided to chance it.

This is what feminists actually believe.

Somehow I doubt they would say this if the issue was a man sleeping around and lying about having a venereal disease.

"It's like deja vu all over again." -- Yogi Berra