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Comment: Re:Any experienced teacher already deals with this (Score 1) 388

by 0xdeadbeef (#48804645) Attached to: UK Computing Teachers Concerned That Pupils Know More Than Them

It's hilarious the parent comment got at least two upvotes. Say what you will about geek arrogance, but insecurity at others being smarter than them is a lot more common on Slashdot than its opposite. Or maybe they just prefer to hide in silence and let the mod points do the talking.

Comment: Well that's inconvenient for the dominant theory (Score 2) 208

Feminists are always saying there are no mental differences in men in women. And because of that, the gender disparity in CS must be due to sexism.

Now they're altering the content of CS curriculum to appeal to women, and it is apparently working.

So if women do actually need to be taught CS differently, why is all that dark matter sexism still necessary to explain it?

Comment: Re:Wouldn't time be better spent... (Score 1) 481

by 0xdeadbeef (#48449989) Attached to: Cops 101: NYC High School Teaches How To Behave During Stop-and-Frisk

Escalation is the only thing that changes things. Maybe what this country needs is a white nerd to get murdered by a cop. Maybe then the right wingers will be like "Oh, shit, you mean the cop problem is real?"

Then again, the "am I free to go" guy gets ridiculed by the social justice types. They want to pretend that civil libertarians are all bravado, but when those civil libertarians routinely cash the checks their mouths write, somehow they're still in the wrong.

Comment: Re:Whoa whoa whoa (Score 1) 642

by 0xdeadbeef (#48404833) Attached to: Sweden Considers Adding "Sexism" Ratings To Video Games

Firstly no one's forced anything on anyone.

I'm sorry, you're right, that's a huge difference. It's like getting mad that some guy is publicly "considering" raping someone. It's not the same as actual rape.

Moving the goalpost? You'd first have to make a counter-argument for that. Unless you're actually asserting that governments never engage in nanny-state boondoggles over trivial issues, which is laughable.

No, the goalposts have stayed put, but I have scored two touchdowns. You conceded that the feminist concerns over sexism in video games are trivial:

This argument is even more trivial than what they're doing and yet here you are.

and now you just implicitly agreed that "forcing" sexism labels on video games is bad thing, by telling me they haven't actually done it yet, as if I were overstating the grievance.

Comment: Re:Whoa whoa whoa (Score 1) 642

by 0xdeadbeef (#48404211) Attached to: Sweden Considers Adding "Sexism" Ratings To Video Games

Apparently you're allowed to do pointeless, trivial things yourself but they are not. Hypocrite!

Let me know when a first world government takes up one of my hobbies and forces it on an industry. 'Cause that would be awesome!

I hope it is SETI. Fuckin' Proxmire ruined SETI. We need a tax on sci-fi movies to fund SETI.

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