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Comment: Re:Notify CTO, CFO & CEO offices (Score 2) 230

by 0xG (#49166683) Attached to: How Do You Handle the Discovery of a Web Site Disclosing Private Data?
This should not have been modded "Funny"; it's actually a very good strategy. I got taken off a corporate spam list (HP) by contacting "Office of the President". Nothing else I tried would work. Got a similar result with my ban when I couldn't get the payout amount for my mortgage. It was a reasonable request, but I was stonewalled - so I contacted the Pres. Got called back the same day with all the info I needed.

Comment: Completely Missing the Point (Score 1) 208

by 0xG (#48666855) Attached to: The World Is Not Falling Apart
OK so violence at many levels is down. Someone has already mentioned economic inequality, and that's certainly a trend in the wrong direction. And power is increasingly in the hands of a few who are increasingly entrenched. Climate change, pollution, loss of habitat and loss of species are at crisis levels. Recovery will take hundreds of thousands of years! The oceans are becoming a sterile garbage dump. The very concept of privacy is being pushed aside.

Not to mention that violent crime and rape are at their lowest level since the 70's. The world is an awesome place now

That's a very narrow assessment.

Comment: Re:at least they have 4 and 8 core models as well (Score 1) 105

by 0xG (#47874695) Attached to: Intel Launches Xeon E5 V3 Series Server CPUs With Up To 18 Cores
Well, in the "real world" we run numerous applications because we have numerous LOBs.
And when the developers of the software (that the LOB wants) says "we only support db 'x'"... get on with it.
We're not big enough to "force" the developers to port their applications, just for us.
We're not rich enough to develop all of our own apps.

So, like many (most) IT organizations, you have to ignore the idealists and Utopian views, and just serve the business.

Comments like "real SQL server" are unconstructive at best.

Money is the root of all wealth.