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Ask Slashdot: What Does the FOSS Community Currently Need? 356

Posted by samzenpus
from the lend-a-hand dept.
First time accepted submitter d33tah writes "In the summer term of my final year of IT's bachelor's course in my university, every student is obliged to develop his own project; the only requirement is that the application would use any kind of a database. While others are thinking of another useless system for an imaginary company that nobody would actually use, I'd rather hack up something the FL/OSS community actually needs. The problem is — how to figure out what it could be?"

+ - European Court of Human Rights finds against copyright law-> 1

Submitted by admiral snackbar
admiral snackbar (2559943) writes "The European Court of Human Rights has declared that the copyright monopoly stands in direct conflict with fundamental Human Rights, as defined in the European Union and elsewhere. This means that as of today, nobody sharing culture in the EU may be convicted just for breaking the copyright monopoly law; the bar for convicting was raised considerably."
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Comment: Re:Stalking vs Surveillance (Score 1) 387

by 0x537461746943 (#41853161) Attached to: Seattle's Creepy Cameraman Pushes Public Surveillance Buttons
"Almost everyone being filmed there, on the other hand, acted aggressively"

We do not know how many people were actually tested in this way. This might be the 25 out of 2000 which were the most disturbed. The other 1975 people might have gracefully handled the situation. I don't believe that but we just don't know.

Comment: Re:If I recall..... (Score 2) 333

by 0x537461746943 (#41257977) Attached to: Quantum Teleportation Sends Information 143 Kilometers
I read an article that researches slowed light down to an almost stand still awhile back. So what would happen if you slowed light down on one of the two entangled particles and then read the one that was not slowed down? Would the slowed down light particle then flip to what it should be or would is take awhile for it to do so? It would be an interesting test I think.

Comment: Re:If I recall..... (Score 2) 333

by 0x537461746943 (#41248331) Attached to: Quantum Teleportation Sends Information 143 Kilometers
Taking it to a simple level...

You take 2 pieces of paper. Mark one as A and mark the second as B. Without looking at them you randomly put each into an envelope and send one to a remote location. You both open them at the same time and know that the other person has the opposite paper. The remote envelope had to travel by normal means. It was not teleported anywhere. The travel time is how long it took for you to send the envelope to the remote location.

They really should rename this to quantum encoding or something along those lines.

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