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Comment: Re:It's actually worse than that (Score 1) 21

Take a stand, is the administration competent or not?

They are competent at campaigning and "winning" elections.

If you want to present that case then you need to abandon your bits about them going for socialist world domination as the two are fully incompatible since no incompetent clown could even aspire to pull that off.

What you say is certainly true in an objective sense. The point you seem to miss is that, for an ultimately incompetent clown, the self-awareness to grasp the unattainability of the world domination isn't going to be there. Especially in our case, the total information control needed to ensure that a disaster like ObamaCare fails into the ultimate failure of Single Prayer (at a controlled rate) just can't be done. So you see the effort to paper over the idiocy with arrogance. Oh, and then there is the border crisis. Cloward-Piven is hardly the desired über-strategy when everybody is watching for it.
But that's Socialism for you: dying with a slow squish.

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by smitty_one_each (#47542187) Attached to: Practical socialism

What it overlooks of course is the fact that some people like a stronger federal government.

Are you referring to the way we can't balance a budget, the way we can's secure the southern border, or the way we have completely soiled ourselves on international policy matters of late?

Some people prefer the protections that come with a central government that helps to balance things between the states.

So you ARE espousing federalism, and not the collapse into a super-state?

If one instead pursues this philosophy of a highly neutered government many people will lose the freedoms and opportunities that they value the most.

Do you mean being buried under debt and unsustainable entitlements, or some other craven dependency on the capitol city of Xembibbi?
I have a hard time remembering that I am the ignorant one, since I woke up here in Zamboniland.

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No, we do not know that.

Given the level of dishonesty offered by this Administration, e.g. the "destruction" of Lerner's hard drive and emails (for one of a galaxy of examples) we can confidently suspect the worst.

So apparently, you feel that if a conspiracy theory is repeated enough times, it becomes fact simply by repetition then?

Well, Gruber seems to think so, with his "speak-o" nonsense. But no, I'm talking about a nearly six year track record of wretched foolishness. Hardly a rush to judgement.

Comment: Re:It's actually worse than that (Score 1) 21

You DO understand that, your cheesy protestations aside, We All Know that the ObamaCare River of Lies dumps into the Gulf of Single Prayer?
This is not a "conspiracy theory". This is the conspiracy facts that have been unfolding since Princess Pelosi squeezed out that loaf in '09.

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