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Comment: Re:Pioneers get arrows in back (Score 1) 81

The Apple Watch has pretty severe resource constraints to fit into such a small package. At the risk of oversimplifying things, current third-party Apple Watch applications are essentially remote iPhone displays, so they aren't going to perform amazingly well.

As developers learn how to work with this new platform best, things will improve. Also, Apple have already said that they are going to open up the SDK further to allow for applications truly running on the watch itself, which will be a big improvement. My guess is they'll open that up in a couple of months at WWDC.

Comment: Re:How convenient for Apple... (Score 2) 81

in order to make native Apple apps to seem better.

That makes no sense. They don't achieve anything if their apps look better than the other apps on the device, they just make the entire experience worse. It would be like cutting off their nose to spite their face.

Comment: If you look at the Law of Armed Conflict (Score 1) 1

by smitty_one_each (#49494647) Attached to: More complex than "I vas just followink orders"
If you look at the Law of Armed Conflict (and I don't think it's changed since I studied it) the right of self-defense of a military unit is absolute, and obviates any Rules of Engagement that may have been tacked on locally.
If you're taking fire, whoever is firing has agreed in advance that it's OK for your unit to return fire.
That's not quite the same thing at the individual level, especially looking worldwide.
However, anyone interested in legislating all that away should, in my opinion, check their privilege, apply their law to themselves, and doff their security details.
I'm guessing that would sober up a few of these [gerund] [noun]s.

Comment: Re:I Closed the Frikkin' Page for a Reason! (Score 1) 197

by Bogtha (#49476489) Attached to: Chrome 42 Launches With Push Notifications

Yeah, I have to explicitly allow it, that's awfully nice of them. But how long will opting out last when the advertisers realize they can force a few more eyeballs?

You realise that it's the browser vendor that decides this, not the website, right? Do you think it's only a matter of time before browsers remove their popup blockers as well?

It's also opt-in, not opt-out. The system doesn't work unless the user grants permission. It doesn't work automatically until the user switches it off.

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