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Comment: Skip the station; Focus on the moon and mars (Score 1) 83

by WindBourne (#49379301) Attached to: NASA Denies New Space Station Partnership With Russia
Seriously, the ISS group needs to skip a new station and allow private space to take that on.

Instead, the ISS group should focus on getting a base on the Moon and then on Mars. Private Space will be going to the moon around 2020-2022. Europe, Japan, Canada, Russia, etc should join the private space and push to create the side infrastructure that can be used on the moon. In particular, robotics, nuclear power, etc.

Comment: To not use Nuclear is foolish (Score 1) 202

by WindBourne (#49379221) Attached to: Nation's Biggest Nuclear Firm Makes a Play For Carbon Credit Cash
We have old gen II reactors that are being extended, but really should not be. However, there is NO replacement for them.
In addition, there is loads of spent fuel not only at these sites, but others that have been retired.

With transatomic and other companies molten salt approach, we can not only create a reactor that is INCAPABLE OF FAILURE (unless a number of physical LAWS are not true), but, these can burn up the majority of the 'spent fuel'. What will remain will be only 5-10% of the original volume, and will be safe in under 200 years.
Even once we build these (and we will), at some future point, AE combined with FUSION power, will likely become very viable. BUT, it is still better to run these fission reactors to process the 'waste' and turn it safer.

Comment: Re:He's just trolling (Score 1) 202

by WindBourne (#49379163) Attached to: Nation's Biggest Nuclear Firm Makes a Play For Carbon Credit Cash

The trouble with nuclear, at least in America, is that it's damn near impossible to keep it safe.

Actually, nothing could be further from the truth WRT new reactors. In POF, TransAtomic's molten salt reactor is impossible to melt down. Just like pebble reactors, heat makes the fuel become self-regulating.

In fact, the SMARTEST thing that America can do, is push for multiple companies to develop these and replace the OLD reactors with these new ones. They can use the spent fuel that is simply sitting on-site and burn it for the next 100 years. Likewise, we can use new thorium reactors to replace coal plants, rather than switching to nat gas.

Comment: Re:led costs $22????? (Score 1) 167

by WindBourne (#49377343) Attached to: Graphene Light Bulbs Coming To Stores Soon
why? What does it matter how big my house is? The house that I grew up in for about a decade was 7000 sq feet, that we built back in early 70s. In addition, it was built such that the specs still remain above what is called for today.
And at my current house, we have 43 solar panels so that we generate not just our electricity, but for others.
So, what the fuck do you care since I am obviously more of an environmentalist than you are?

Comment: Re:They can lower it all they want. It will not ma (Score 1) 412

by WindBourne (#49377277) Attached to: Experts: Aim of 2 Degrees Climate Goal Insufficient
First off, the US's output has been dropping for 7 years. Likewise, the west's total output has gone down over the last 10 years, not up. So, the BS about the west not making differences is just that: BS.

Secondly, China's claim is also BS.
Here is the CO2 levels
It took the west from 1959 until 1995 to grow it by 40 PPMs. IOW, it took 36 years to raise it 40, or basically, about 1 PPM / year.
Now, what has happened in the last 20 years? Well, it jumped up by 40 again, which means that we are adding 2 ppm EACH YEAR. However, for the last 5 years, it has increased nearly 3 ppm / year.
The problem is, that the west has cut WAY BACK. ALL OF IT is 1995's level which means that we account for less than 1 ppm (that 1 ppm in 1995, actually included all of the world, but we will simply assume that it was the west).
So, where is the other 2 PPMs coming from? It is coming from the none-western world, of which more than 2/3 of that emissions is China's.

Now, you can continue to make wild claims. You can accept the lies of China's. However, you can NOT change the facts that CO2's massive rise belongs to China, and it is the fact that ppl like yourself do not understand the science or the facts that are happening. Basically, you are no different than the far right wingers that claim that AGW is not occurring. In your case, you refuse to accept the science that shows that the west is not only NOT to blame, but that China's continued growth means that YOU WILL BE RESPONSIBLE FOR CO2's impact on the globe.

Comment: Re:Please ready Hobby Lobby before commenting (Score 1) 1055

They don't (and shouldn't) have the "right" to have Hobby Lobby buy them contraception.

Their employer doesn't "buy them contraception", it just buys them health insurance. And at that point, they can start minding their own business about their employee's personal lives. Why should details about your health care still be under the influence of your employer's religion? Your employer has no business deciding if you shouldn't get insurance coverage for a circumcision.

Comment: They can lower it all they want. It will not matte (Score 1) 412

by WindBourne (#49368163) Attached to: Experts: Aim of 2 Degrees Climate Goal Insufficient
The reason is that the liberals in the west are allowing all other nations, ESP. CHINA, to continue growing their emissions. Even if America went to ZERO EMISSIONS TODAY, it would not change anything.

The ONLY way to solve this is to have ALL NATIONS STOP growing their emissions, and esp. stop building new coal plants.

Comment: And why not? (Score 4, Insightful) 202

Considering that nuclear power is the safest form of power the world has ever known, I'd say it's worthy of recognition for offsetting carbon more than anything else. To borrow a phrase, "It's the energy density, stupid."

There's a reason why China has 30 nuclear plants under construction, while the US just approved its first new plant in 30 years.

Comment: Re:led costs $22????? (Score 1) 167

by WindBourne (#49365037) Attached to: Graphene Light Bulbs Coming To Stores Soon
exactly right. I have not changed a burned out bulb in over a year. As I wrote elsewhere, we have less than 12 bulbs that are NOT LEDs and these are not changed due to economics (not on long enough / week to justify it). I will replace them down the road when they burn out.

But for a business, the costs of replacing bulbs can be ENORMOUS. In fact, higher than the costs of the bulbs. But by going to DECENT LEDs, you will get at least a decade. Even the cheap ones (pretty much everything that does not have a Cree or Philip LED) will normally last 2-3 years.

I will say that I bought 1 from Lights of America and another from GE about 5 years ago. Both burned out in less than 1 year. I was NOT impressed. In addition, both burned me on the warrenties. Not impressed.

Comment: Re:led costs $22????? (Score 1) 167

by WindBourne (#49364993) Attached to: Graphene Light Bulbs Coming To Stores Soon
No, these are NOT subsidized. In fact, while the GOP (along with the dems) subsidize LOADS of things, they would not subsidize LED bulbs, esp. ones produced in America. The GOP and the tea baggers would rather send manufacturing out of the nation, unless it is 100% on their terms (no taxes, no regulations, no corporate responsibilities).

If a thing's worth having, it's worth cheating for. -- W.C. Fields