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by 0123456 (#47892283) Attached to: Kickstarter's Problem: You Have To Make the Game Before You Ask For Money

Unless you're picked as the new Anointed One by Big Puiblisher, you also have to do your own marketing; the only 'marketing' they'll give most writers is putting your book on a book store shelf, if you're lucky enough to get a print run and they don't go straight to ebooks. And few people look for a publisher's logo on a book before they buy it.

Some genres have almost entirely gone self-published these days. Romance used to be one of the few genres where publishers actually had a valuable brand, but today many of the top romance writers appear to be skipping publishers entirely and releasing books themselves now they see how much more money they can make without a publisher to take most of it.

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Right. So we'll have people driving along the highway in their self-driving cars, and then suddenly the car will see something it can't handle and... stop in the middle of the highway, where you'll then have to put down your smartphone and figure out where you are and what's going on and drive through it. All before someone slams into the back of you, or the other dozen 'self-driving' cars now stopped in the road.

That'll work.

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No, we're just sick of the hype that 'OMG! Self-driving cars will be here tomorrow! Google cars have driven themselves a billion miles without a crash!'

But, yes, they do need to be at 'an insanely advanced stage' before they're ready for use. Automated cruise control is likely to be available in the mass market within ten years, but it's a huge step from there to a car that can drive from A to B through town without human intervention, and anyone who says 'oh, if the car doesn't know what to do, it will just hand control back to the driver' is a moron.

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Spoken like someone who's never used one.

One of my girlfriend's friends had a Windows Phone. As soon as the contract was up, she replaced it with Android.

I've never seen another one out in the wild, so I'm guessing that's why no-one else has never used one.

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The cost of this approach has always been performance.

Uh, no.

Sure, in the specific case you cite, that's correct, because grep can easily count the number of lines it outputs. In the general case, however, you'll find a pipe is probably faster, because the two processes can run on different cores.

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Uh, yeah.

So, now:

1. You need to redesign it to not need a fairing to protect it during launch.
2. Provide an abort motor which can launch it at several gs away from the exploding booster.
3. Build wings strong enough that they won't be torn off when you're boosting away from an exploding booster at Max Q, said booster probably no longer pointing 'into the wind'.
4. Design your launch trajectory so you can now turn around and return to a runway somewhere.

Which will be simple, right?

Hint: you might want to look at the excitement the X-20 guys went through trying to make it abortable.

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We could learn how to play nice with this very comfortable spaceship that just popped up out of nowhere.

Says some hippy who has no clue about the real world.

Yeah, maybe we could all go and live in little hippy communes after 99% of the population magically vanish, but, in the real world, we have to get off this rock before some wacko starts spreading the new geneticlaly-engineered super-plague they knocked together in their garage. We'll be lucky if we have decades, let alone centuries.

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Nope. NASA are building The Precious, sorry, SLS, and no-one else will ever have the money to use it. Heck, NASA probably won't ever have the money to use it, since there are no funded missions that need it.

As I understand it, the Dragon will continue to fly on Falcon 9, and Boeing's Powerpoint Spaceship can theoretically fly on Atlas, Delta or Falcon... if it's ever built.

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While not always bug-free, automotive embedded software is a hell of a lot better than desktop or phone shit.

You've never read the third-party analysis of Toyota's ECU software, have you?

The exciting part about driverless cars comes when a bug is found. Suddenly you have millions of cars to upgrade, and would be liable for every death the bug causes until they're upgraded.

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