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Dragon Age: Origins was excellent and did not feel dumbed down

Yes it did. The interesting strategic combat of BG2:TOB was reduced to pop-a-mole against dull indistinguishable enemies. Fighting was dumbed down to button mashing. It is probably one of the most dumbed down game in history compared to its predecessors. Took me all of about 5 minutes to get bored with it, but I still play BG2:ToB all the way through at least once a year because the combat is just so much fun. Particularly with mods like Sword Coast Strategems that make the enemies smarter.

A true sequel to BG2 is hopefully being made by Obsidian in the form of Pillars of Eternity.

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I buy controlled chemicals for wild mushroom identification

Are you authorized to possess those dangerous mushrooms, Citizen? Do you have the proper permits? Are you aware that Amanita phalloides have been used in murders and have been seriously considered as a component in chemical weapons? I hope your reason for gathering them is a permitted one.

Hopefully mushroom gathering/colection will soon be outlawed. No innocent person would seek such dangerous items. Can you prove that you are not using them to commit crimes? Can you prove that you are not planning to poison food and water resources with them?

Only governments and large corporations should be allowed to possess such potentially hazardous materials. Out of an abundance of caution and concern for the innocent people who will inevitably lose their lives due to uncontrolled, unregulated mushroom collection, I propose that any and all dangerous organic poisons be strictly regulated including dangerous fungals that only terrorists have an interest in. Hopefully soon we will have drones roaming the skies looking for mushroom poachers. It is only a matter of time and then society as a whole will be much safer. Oh would this inconvenience you? Sorry. But the interest of society at large trumps that of any individual.

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>Hydrogen peroxide has pretty much one use: act as a chemical reagent.

Water is as well. A very effective one in fact. And water is quite commonly used as a part of making explosives. In fact I challenge you to make any sort of explosive without any access to H20, a highly dangerous chemical which needs to be under strict government control as soon as possible. Mainly to save the children.

Also it is used in making child pornography and every terrorist on the planet would be dead within a week if this dangerous chemical were only released to authorized individuals.

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The trick is that which one is actually kept is hidden from you cryptographically.

But what if you happen to be a CPU who just wants to execute a series of instructions? Is there some way to tell the CPU which opcode you want to execute without also telling a human who is merely pretending to be a CPU? If it is cryptographically hidden then how can the CPU read it?

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You think the Castro dynasty would give up their communist ideals just because the US lifts the embargo? Ridiculous. The truth is that the US has very little to do with Cuba's problems. All the embargo really does to Cuba is give its leaders someone to blame for everything that Cuba is not. A convenient scapegoat for the government. The US could lift the embargo tomorrow and all it would do is flood the island with American tourists making the Canadians very angry. The Cuban people would still be dirt poor because they are not allowed to make money. Their government won't let them.

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But in your country you probably get paid when you work. They don't. That's the difference. Also their ration cards don't buy them much at all. Considering the fact that they work for free I think they are earning their few rolls of toilet paper, rice and beans, and the occasional toothbrush. I am sure you country is doing a lot better. Nearly everyone in Cuba is so poor they are barely surviving at all.

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I was in Cuba earlier this year. They seem to be doing OK for themselves.

Sure, there are towns outside of Havana and Trinidad where there isn't a lot to do, but I didn't see any real evidence of extreme poverty.

Are you sure you were in Cuba?

Where there isn't a lot to do? Are you fucking insane? Did you ask any Cubans what their monthly salary was? Aside from the jineteras and jineteros I mean. The people with legal jobs. Go ask them next time you are there. I think you will be in for a surprise.

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Just a wild guess but you have spent no more than a week or two in Cuba and do not have a single Cuban friend. The education and healthcare are both pretty bad. The 'healthcare' you get for free is not much better than none at all.

When I lived there high quality food did not seem particularly scarce either. The food was fine. The problem was that no one has much money to buy any.

Well having no money in Cuba is probably slightly better than having no money in El Salvador, but at least outside of Cuba you have some chance to make money. It's not actually against the law. And I cannot think of any Latin American country with such a high percentage of the population making so little.

What I found amusing was when a Cuban would meet a Mexican our Guatemalan say they would assume they must be rich. As if Guatemala were a rich country.

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It is true that the default Windows/Linux hosts file cannot do wildcard matching. However there are some apps like Acrylic or angryhosts which may allow such wildcard functionality. These seem to be Windows only however. For Linux there may be other options like DNS Chef. I am not completely clear however whether DNS Chef would work for this.

Of course hosts file blocking lists like mvps and yoyo would have to be updated to support wildcards. I guess someone could write a simple program to wildcard every domain in those lists and then maybe the list maintainers could be convinced to maintain wildcard versions. I think this is the only way that this DNS based ad blocking can move forward.

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