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by 0100010001010011 (#48257347) Attached to: Why CurrentC Will Beat Out Apple Pay

Those debit 'protections' are when you run it as a debit card with PIN. Almost all debit cards can also be run as credit cards. When they are run as 'signature' credit cards credit card protections apply.

Never use your PIN anywhere but the ATM. Most especially not on any ole card reader you're handed in a restaurant. Most places assume debit and if you hit 'cancel' or 'change payment type' you can always get it to run as a credit card.

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by 0100010001010011 (#48257283) Attached to: OpenBSD Drops Support For Loadable Kernel Modules

To expand. If it's a script it has a script handler. If it has a script handler it can be rewritten.

There's no reason they couldn't add a few features from newer scripting languages to enable forking of functions or "own fun". If the kernel (the one running said script with said script handler) supports multiple cores/threads it could easily be the more modularized, etc.

All still from one script.

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"Tinker a bit with it" and "Figuring out which network card has proper support in FreeBSD" are worlds apart. I don't expect it to know what VLANs I want but just being able to use VLANS makes it better than a $100 router from Walmart.

Do you know how nice they play with their own access points? I''m probably going to buy a used Nortel 5510-24T. Supposedly you can find them for $100 used because you can't get service contracts for them anyway.

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I was excited to see a good discussion about software/hardware required to route 1 Gbps. How many people are running pfsense or Linux router with Google Fiber? What do people have for wireless? I want to separate my router and my AP. Consumer routers never seem to actually perform up to theoretical speeds or have problems with a large number of clients.

But instead it's simple answer: Install wires. Do people think that wires don't exist any more? I bought my current house because the basement has drop ceilings and I can wire everything in a day. Wireless is great for browsing the web or watching some videos. But when I need something backed up or want to edit something from a network drive nothing beats good ole ethernet.

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"Education" doesn't have to be college. Going into a trade after high school is just as much of an 'education' as college is.

There's no reason you can't do an a la carte education. You like history? Sign up for a 5-10 week course offered nights. Cooking, music, food, etc. There are educational opportunities everywhere.

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Part of the problem is people have been told that if you don't go to college straight out of highschool you're a failure.

It'd be much better if they took 2-3 years off in a vocational rotational program of some sort. Rotate them through a lot of trades. If they hate the trades maybe they'll have matured enough to try college again or maybe they'll find a job they like.

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