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Submission Claudioustours->

An anonymous reader writes: tanzania wildlife adventures safari allows you to explore an astonishing diversity of landscapes, abundant of wildlife and fascinating cultures in tanzania while visiting the famous national parks within northern part of tanzania.
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An anonymous reader writes: Unfortunately, many people these days are being ripped off by their carpet cleaner. These folks are responding to coupons such as $6.95 per room...WHOLE HOUSE $79.95...They are baited by the low price and make an appointment. They think everything is fine. Then when the company gets there, they go for the switch. People find out quickly that carpet cleaning is not as cheap as some would have you believe. These folks find out that the cheap price is for single process cleaning. What that means is it uses only water to clean, no soap. That means that the carpet doesn't get clean at all. You would have been better off renting a machine from the grocery store if you wanted some of the dirt out. Low price usually means low quality. So they pressure you into getting deep cleaning, which you probably need, at an inflated price. Then, they want you to add this, and add that, which can sometimes end up costing you a small fortune. Then you have other companies who rip you off right from the beginning because of their BIG name. What they charge is sometimes hundreds more than what you should be paying.

Carpet cleaning price is based on basically 3 things....type of carpet, amount of soiling, and stains (pet, red stains, grease and oil stains). What level of cleaning you need should be determined before a price is quoted. There are many carpet cleaners who offer an honest and reasonable price for your cleaning needs without trying to price gouge you. We are one of them. We are not the cheapest, but we are far from expensive. One thing is for sure, the value you receive is far greater than the price you pay.

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Submission OpenXcell Helps News Organizations to Reach a Wider Audience with News Apps->

An anonymous reader writes: News is a part and parcel of our lives. When we do not have a look at the news for a day, we feel like we are completely isolated from this world. Hence news is an important part of our life and people use different ways to have an access to the latest news; the most common ways being television, newspapers, magazines and internet. With a rapid increase in utilization of mobile devices, mobile apps have been identified as a significant news source.

If you run a news channel, launching an informative news app on mobiles can be a great way to reach to a wider audience. OpenXcell is a solution if you are looking for feature-rich news apps on iPhone, iPad and Android devices. OpenXcell has worked in close collaboration with leading newspapers, magazines and news channels for building and delivering app solutions. Their team of over 60 mobile app developers has an average experience of 5+ years. News apps developed by their team on iPhone, iPad and Android receive overwhelming response from the audience. Their success secret is their domain expertise in developing interactive news applications. They have prominent media personalities who exclusively consult them for news app design and architecture. Read more here

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Submission One suspect in Marathon bombing killed, another on the run

An anonymous reader writes: The news in Boston is reporting that one of the suspects in the Marathon bombing — the man in the black hat — has been shot and killed. The second suspect — the man in the white hat — escaped and appears confined to a 20 block section of Watertown.

Submission Datamatics receives Two Awards at iiGlobal->

An anonymous reader writes: Datamatics Global Services (DGSL) has announced that its employees have won two awards at the 4th Annual "Women Leaders in India" Awards, organized by iiGlobal held in Mumbai.

Datamatics Marketing Communications Head Varad K. Arora has been awarded with the "Leading Woman Chief Marketing Officer" award. The second award was won by Vice- President — Legal & Company Secretary, Divya Kumat of Datamatics.

Rahul Kanodia, Vice-Chairman & CEO, Datamatics, said, "Datamatics was a deserving candidate with two most talented and charismatic women at the helm of its affairs, performing key functions and delivering extremely well in their respective areas of function. Datamatics has a culture of empowering women and nurturing best talents. We have always encouraged our employees without any gender bias and are glad they are doing us proud by winning such prestigious titles."

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Submission Flat Roof Repair Toronto->

An anonymous reader writes: Right Choice Roofing and Repair offers you the best roof repair services like Roof Repairs in Toronto, Shingle Repair in Toronto and Flat Roof Repair in Toronto. Call today at 416-651-8111 to speak a Roofing Contractor in Toronto.
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Submission An aktueller Technologie orientiert->

An anonymous reader writes: Wie kann man heutzutage gut und erfolgreich Werbung machen? Indem man sich an den aktuellen Trends orientiert und sich diese zu Nutzen macht. Zum Beispiel sind Smartphone momentan sehr beliebt und für viele ein Gerät, ohne das sie nicht mehr das Haus verlassen können.
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Submission Android and Facebook work together on Home, not competitively->

An anonymous reader writes: Facebook is part a small group of companies, along with Amazon, Apple and Google, that provide platforms with huge scale and large cloud-based services serving a range of presentation devices while operationally maintaining high system-wide availability and performance. In the future, this model will become predominant. By necessity, Facebook is experimenting horizontally with cutting edge mobile development, keeping up with the fast pace of mobile innovation while scaling mobile software engineering vertically throughout its platform to support the new capabilities of mobile devices.
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