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nocomment's Journal: Warcraft 4

Journal by nocomment

Ok, I've had this copy of warcraft sitting on my shelf for months now.

I'm going through the install now, any tips? I've seen somewhere that there's certain worlds you can pick? or something?

What's a good one?

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  • There are many servers to choose from. Trying to cram 8,000,000 people onto one server would be silly.

    I'm on the Gilneas server along with blinder, sol, Red Warrior and several others.

    If you are looking for different TYPES of servers you can choose from, read this [] for more information.

    Hope this helps.
    • by nocomment (239368)
      So I have to pick a server and a realm? What's a good recomendation?
      • Server- US, because you want the time zones to be at least sort of right.

        SOme of us- me included- are on Gilneas realm. This is useful only because it's another subset like a server, there will still be a zillion people on and the cities will still be uncomfortably full of idiots, no matter which you choose- but in one with people you know, there's ingame mail on every realm (but not between horde and alliance, to keep a sense of rivalry) and you have someone to contact with questions.

        Which brings me to you

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