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Tuesday July 15, 2014 @05:37PM HP Claims Their Moonshot System is a 'New Style of IT' (Video)
Thursday January 23, 2014 @01:49AM 20,000 Customers Have Pre-Ordered Over $2,000,000 of Soylent
Tuesday November 12, 2013 @10:07PM Soylent: No Food For 30 Days
Wednesday March 27, 2013 @12:09PM Ask Slashdot: Enterprise Bitcoin Mining For Go-Green Initiatives?
Wednesday June 27, 2012 @10:32PM Senator Pushes For Tougher H-1B Enforcement
Wednesday June 27, 2012 @06:37PM Senator Grassley Pushes for Tougher H-1B Enforcement
Saturday May 26, 2012 @02:02PM Can You Buy Tech With a Clean Conscience?
Monday November 14, 2011 @11:35AM French Power Company Fined For Hacking Greenpeace
Sunday October 16, 2011 @05:13PM World Solar Challenge About To Start
Saturday August 27, 2011 @11:33AM New Oil Slick In Gulf Waters Linked To BP Well
Saturday June 04, 2011 @04:43PM Solar Powered Laptops
Thursday June 02, 2011 @07:48AM Experimental "Smart Town" To Be Built In Japan
Monday May 30, 2011 @05:03AM Facebook May Make Tiny Town a Data Center Mecca
Wednesday April 20, 2011 @06:31AM An RC Car That Runs On Soda Can Rings
Tuesday June 01, 2010 @12:27PM Man Builds His Own Subway
Thursday May 13, 2010 @09:04PM Gulf Gusher Worst Case Scenario
Monday February 22, 2010 @09:01PM Fuel Cell Marvel "Bloom Box" Gaining Momentum
Sunday February 14, 2010 @12:07PM HP's New Data Center Cooled By Glacial Wind
Tuesday February 02, 2010 @12:00PM Electric Bicycles Surging In Popularity
Tuesday January 19, 2010 @11:41AM The Year of the E-Bicycle
Wednesday December 09, 2009 @08:55PM Buy Local, Act Evil
Monday November 30, 2009 @03:46PM LHC Reaches Over One Trillion Electron Volts
Thursday September 17, 2009 @06:44PM Google Offering Print Versions of Online Books
Thursday September 17, 2009 @10:01AM T-Mobile Backs Off Plan To Charge $1.50 For Paper Bills
Thursday August 20, 2009 @05:31PM A Video Ad, In a Paper Magazine
Thursday August 20, 2009 @08:56AM US Navy Tries To Turn Seawater Into Jet Fuel
Tuesday August 18, 2009 @09:10PM Fatal Explosion At Russian Hydroelectric Dam
Thursday August 13, 2009 @11:30AM AMD's Phenom II 965, 3.4GHz, 140 Watts, $245
Wednesday August 12, 2009 @03:34PM Green Cement Absorbs Carbon
Tuesday July 28, 2009 @09:41AM Finally, a True Green Laser
Tuesday July 14, 2009 @10:09PM BOINC Exceeds 2 Petaflop/s Barrier
Monday July 13, 2009 @12:24PM Plastic Circuits Designed To Enable Tough, Green Computers
Thursday July 02, 2009 @09:55PM Bike Projector Makes Lane For Rider
Tuesday June 23, 2009 @10:02AM Wind Could Provide 100% of World Energy Needs
Thursday June 18, 2009 @11:27AM English Market Produces Energy With Kinetic Plates
Wednesday April 29, 2009 @11:24PM Bolivia Is the Saudi Arabia of Lithium
Sunday February 08, 2009 @07:17AM Why Sustainable Power Is Unsustainable
Friday January 30, 2009 @02:28PM Fusion-Fission System Burns Hot Radioactive Waste
Friday December 26, 2008 @09:26PM Can the Auto Industry Retool Itself To Build Rails?
Wednesday December 17, 2008 @08:17PM New Font Uses Holes To Cut Ink Use
Tuesday November 25, 2008 @07:36PM Bay Area To Install Electric Vehicle Grid
Tuesday November 18, 2008 @11:18PM Nuke Site Converted Into Green Data Center
Tuesday November 04, 2008 @02:21PM Portable Solar Power For Portable Hardware?
Monday October 20, 2008 @12:58PM Computers Causing 2nd Hump In Peak Power Demand
Wednesday October 01, 2008 @02:38PM Microsoft To Release Cloud-Oriented Windows OS
Monday July 21, 2008 @12:58PM HP Shatters Excessive Packaging World Record
Tuesday May 20, 2008 @10:46AM Greenpeace Complains Game Consoles Aren't Green Enough
Tuesday April 22, 2008 @06:19PM $1/Gallon "Green Gasoline" In Sight
Tuesday December 25, 2007 @12:42AM Extreme Christmas Lights In Orlando
Friday November 23, 2007 @01:34PM Western Digital Touts New 'Green' Drives
Thursday February 01, 2007 @06:28AM UK Greens Declare Vista Bad For Environment

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