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The Internet

+ - Digital Trail Led To Alleged Craigslist Murderer->

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CWmike writes "A digital trail was key to tracking down a man police say targeted women who advertised massage and other personal services on Craigslist. Philip Markoff, 22, of Quincy, Mass., was arraigned on Tuesday. Held without bail, Markoff is charged with murder, armed robbery, unlawful possession of a firearm, and kidnapping. Investigators say digital forensics work was key to tracking down the suspect. 'The technology involved was absolutely crucial in identifying the suspect, Jake Wark, press secretary for the Suffolk County, Mass., district attorney's office, said. 'The investigation led to the recovery of an abundance of cellular, wireless and other electronic evidence.' However, investigators were able to link the IP address used to send an e-mail setting up the April 14 date with the murder victim to Markoff's home address."
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Digital Trail Led To Alleged Craigslist Murderer

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