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+ - The 10000 Year Clock - Science Meets Art->

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KindMind writes "CNet has pictures of a planned 10000 year clock to be built in eastern Nevada by the Long Now Foundation. From the article: Running under its own power, the clock is an experiment in art, science, and engineering. The six dials on the face of this machine will represent the year, century, horizons, sun position, lunar phase, and the stars of the night sky over a 10,000-year period. Likely to span multiple generations and evolutions in culture, the thinking and design put into the monument makes it a moving sculpture as beautiful as it is complex. This was reviewed on Slashdot in 2005. Really cool pictures, including one of a mechanical "binary computer" that converts the pendulum into positions on the dial."
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The 10000 Year Clock - Science Meets Art

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