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+ - Microsoft vs. file compatibility.-> 4

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TangoCharlie writes "Since first released a free suite of office applications, I have been trying to get the various organisations to switch away from Microsoft Office. The argument against using has always been that it isn't 100% Microsoft Office compatible. However, it has been several years since Microsoft released Office 2007, and invariably if I send someone an docx or xlsx file they email back to me and ask me to send it in Office97-2003 format. My somewhat rhetorical question is, which Office suite now boasts the best "compatibility"? MS Office or"
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Microsoft vs. file compatibility.

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  • Office 2007 can also open both Office 2007, 2000-xp formats. I don't know anyone that uses OO.o that uses .ods for a blind send, so clearly the fact that OO.o supports .ods better is fairly un-important.

    I still find Office 2007 painful especially Excel which i use less (I actually am beginning to prefer Word 2007).

    When using Office 2007, it would be smart to blind send .doc instead of .docx in my opinion, just as with OO.o.

    • The issue is that there are still loads of people out there using Office 2003 who don't appear to know you can get Office 2007 file converter. It's been two years since Office 2007 was released, and the "new" file formats are not interchangeable with many people.

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