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+ - Review: Obama Deception by Alex Jones

Submitted by
joshuaos writes "It was released less than a week ago, can be downloaded from infowars or seen on youtube. Though I hadn't previously heard of him, Alex Jones appears to be nearly the king of conspiracy theorists. He has been at this for over a decade, and claims that what he's been predicting is now happening. Despite the rather dire tone of this film, much of what he says is quite undeniable, and the rest wouldn't surprise me much. Does it really sound so far fetched that a small clique of the richest bankers in the world are making policy in secret? Certainly the history of the Federal Reserve isn't in question, nor the way in which the new stimulus bill, like the patriot act before it, were passed in a rush without anyone reading it. The briefest of searching reveals these and more that I can't refute in this film. I hope you'll all excuse the short review, and take it as a challenge to come to your own opinions about these very important matters of where power and wealth truly lie."
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Review: Obama Deception by Alex Jones

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