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Submitted by WebManWalking
WebManWalking (1225366) writes "AppleInsider is running a report by Prince McLean about how deliberate misinformation is being used to manipulate Apple stock prices. As usual, traditional journalists, whose job ought to be to inform us, have dropped the ball, and it fell to Jon Stewart of The Daily Show to tear Wall Street yet another new one. I'm getting pretty sick of traditional journalists' reluctance to go for the throat when they see corruption, and ostensibly hide behind the skirts of fairness. Looks more like cowardice to me. I don't own Apple stock, but if I did, I'd be thanking The Daily Show."
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Jon Stewart Exposes Apple Stock Manipulation

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  • I am not a financial expert; but I basically learned all this ages ago by listening to and podcasts.

    Listen to This interview with Bud Burrell at

    Or listen to episode 3 of the Deep Capture podcast, which explains what JIM CRAMER is talking about in Jon Stewart's clip.

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