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+ - An Italian bill about internet is a smoking gun?

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An anonymous reader writes "A well-known Italian blogger Guido Scorza discovered in the metadatas of a document, the real creator of it. Gabriella Carlucci, former showgirl in the Berlusconi's TVs, and now Member of the Parliament with Berlusconi's party, spread a .doc document, a bill with heavy restrictions of the freedom of speech. It's ironic that the bill is named "Internet Land Of Freedom" and her party is named "People Of Freedom". But in the metadatas it appears the real mind behind, a certain "Davide Rossi" of a certain "Univideo". Surprise! Davide Rossi is the CEO of Univideo, a no-profit organization that gathers the Italian majors, Sony BmG, Medusa (owned by Berlusconi) and others. More here (in Italian)."
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An Italian bill about internet is a smoking gun?

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