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Submission + - Germany: Voting computers ruled unconstitutional 1

Micha Lenk writes: "The German Federal Supreme Court has ruled that the use of electronic voting machines for the General Election (Bundestagswahl) 2005 has been unconstitutional. The judges acknowledge the claim that that the voters were not able to supervise neither the cast votes nor the vote counting itself.

They also decided that the election remains valid because of the low share of electronically cast votes. Approximately two million out of 61.9 millionen voters had voted using electronic voting machines in the election almost four years ago."
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Germany: Voting computers ruled unconstitutional

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  • The court also said that since no errors have been reported from the 1,800 unit used in the elections, the outcome of the elections are still certified and valid. Two law suits were brought forward, claiming that the secrecy of the vote and democratic controls were violated by use of the computers. Vote by computers has not been generally outlawed, however the present decision is based on problems associated with those specific machines. The court rejects the notion that it acted out of 'technophobia'

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