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The Courts

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NewYorkCountryLawyer writes: "With little help from her friends, this time around Jammie Thomas will have an expert witness of her own to help rebut the testimony of the RIAA's expert, Dr. Doug Jacobson, who testified for the RIAA (PDF) at the 2007 trial resulting in a $220,000 verdict over 24 song files having a retail market value of $23.76. The soundness of Jacobson's techniques and theories have been thoroughly vetted here on Slashdot, as well as on Groklaw. With a $3000 grant in hand from the Expert Witness Defense Fund maintained by the Free Software Foundation for just such a situation, Ms. Thomas had requested an extension of the discovery deadline to enable her to designate Assistant Professor Yongdae Kim to testify as an expert about techniques of group and internet security, including the means by which an internet protocol address can be "hijacked," or impersonated, by others who are not the owner of that address. The RIAA strenuously opposed the motion, not wanting to allow Ms. Thomas to have her own expert. In a 9-page decision (PDF), after a telephonic conference with the lawyers, the Magistrate Judge has granted Ms. Thomas's motion."
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Prof. Yongdae Kim to Testify in Capitol v. Thomas

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