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+ - Cassini Finds Hydrocarbon Playas on Titan->

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volcanopele writes "Cassini imaging scientists announced today the discovery of changes at some of the hydrocarbon lakes on Saturn's largest moon, Titan. For the last four years, the imaging team has mapped bright and dark features on Titan's surface in the near-infrared. Dark features in Titan's polar regions, some at least 1000 kilometers across, are thought to be lakes filled with liquid hydrocarbons such as methane and ethane. The discovery announced today, represents the first time major surface changes, likely the result of flooding methane rains, have been observed at these polar lakes. Cassini scientists also released graphics comparing views of Titan's south polar region from 2004 and 2005 showing a playa that may have been filled due to hydrocarbon rainfall during the 11-month gap in observations."
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Cassini Finds Hydrocarbon Playas on Titan

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