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+ - Spit Leads to Dummy Spit for TechCrunch Founder->

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SkiifGeek writes: "After being spat on at the DLD Conference in Germany, TechCrunch founder, Michael Arrington has announced that he is going to take the next month off, after first covering the World Economic Forum in Davos.

Arrington, it seems, has a knack for polarising people and so with an enemies list as long as his, we may never know who delivered the saliva that has done more to make him sit back and reassess the what and why of how he does things than the death threat that he had last year and all the electrons of vitriol posted across the Internet over the years.

Being spat in the face may be a form of insult that hasn't really been popular for many years, especially for web pundits, but he's lucky that this guy hasn't finished his invention yet."

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Spit Leads to Dummy Spit for TechCrunch Founder

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