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+ - Angel Flight Pack enters last frontier of aviation->

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sterlingda writes "Isn't it about time we achieved the Jetson-like capability of personal flight via a jetpack type of apparatus? Raphial Morgado, inventor of the NASA-award-winning Massive Yet Tiny (MYT) engine, is setting forth to devise just such a flight pack, named after his company: Angel Labs, LLC. He says his systems will be comprised of two 3.5-inch diameter engines, one for backup, that would power a counter-rotating turbofan engine. "It would be practical and safe, with redundancy built in." But this is just his hobby. His primary objective is to go into production of a MYT engine that could be retrofit into existing cars, claiming that the energy density of his engine is so high that the engine size needed to retrofit an SUV would be a little larger than an alternator — tiny in comparison — even while having essentially the same cubic inch cylinder displacement. The resulting vehicle would have better performance, while achieving the mileage of a Prius."
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Angel Flight Pack enters last frontier of aviation

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