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Data Storage

+ - VHS finally dies a death, no really 1

Submitted by thefickler
thefickler (1030556) writes "The last major supplier of VHS videotapes, is ditching the format in favor of DVD, effectively killing the format for good. This uncharitable commentator has this to say:"Will VHS be missed? Not ... with videos being brittle, clunky, and rather user-unfriendly. But they ushered in a new era that was important to get to where we are today. And for that reason, the death of VHS is rather sad. Almost as sad as the people still using it.""
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VHS finally dies a death, no really

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  • User-unfriendly? Relative to what?
    Video disks? (No, kiddies, I'm not referring to CD/DVD-like disks. I'm talking about something that was similar to a phonograph record, which had a needle and grooves, only had video/audio encoded, rather than just audio.)
    Brittle? Relative to CDs, which inevitably blow a laser in the player every 4 years or so?

    I'm going to have to stock up on VHS tapes, before they disappear out of distribution.

    And get off my lawn, punk kids!

    BTW.....fsrit psot.

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