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+ - Club Nintendo goes Live-> 2

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AKAImBatman writes "Nintendo has launched their new Club Nintendo service that allows customers to earn "coins" for purchasing Nintendo products. Coins can then be redeemed for items like exclusive DS games, playing cards, Wii Remote holders, DS cases, and other Nintendo branded items.

Points are earned by registering Wii games (50 points), DS games (30 points), or by purchasing Wii Shop items (10 points) after your Wii Shop account has been linked to your Club Nintendo account. Users may link their account under the "Settings" area of the Wii Shop channel.

Prices range from 300 coins for a Wii Remote holder to 800 coins for the Game & Watch Collection for the Nintendo DS."

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Club Nintendo goes Live

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  • What about those users who have linked their accounts and have already registered games? Will they get credit for them, or are they only rewarding new users?
    • I don't think Nintendo has made any statements on this either way. So we must assume that they will not credit you. Or maybe they will and just aren't telling us. No way to know for sure.

      I do know that when I registered my Wii Shop channel, I was not credited for recent purchases. That's a downer. On the other hand, I was able to grab some Nintendo disc games and get them setup online for credit. Soooo... the results may be bittersweet.

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