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Submission + - European Online Library offline and censored

Jerry Smith writes: "http://europeana.eu/portal/ The European Online Library is closed for maintenance, a few days after launch. http://www.betanews.com/article/Europes_ambitious_single_access_point_for_cultural_media_provides_porn/1227198858 mentions that the powers that be also will make sure that not the most looked-up subjects will show up on the frontpage, just the subjects that are approved by censorship. From TFA: "Other items from this particular front page that are also being hosted by INA.fr include, simultaneously: more scans of the Mona Lisa, pages from Gutenberg bibles, an exhibit of various Levi's jeans ads that feature nudity, examples of softcore porn shown on French television through the ages (another exhibit), and excerpts from that gripping peace of European folk literature, Adolf Hitler's Mein Kampf."

If culture contains nude artistry, should a cultural library block the showing of said artistry?"
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European Online Library offline and censored

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