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+ - Developers load Android onto Nokia Tablet

Submitted by LWATCDR
LWATCDR (28044) writes " From the article. "Developers have created an easy way to load Android, Google Inc.'s mobile phone operating system that is still in the works, on Nokia Corp.'s N810 open-source handheld devices. The development is of interest to people who are trying to build applications for Android rather than to general users. "So, from the point of view of someone who just wants to use his N800 and doesn't necessarily want to experiment for the sake of experimenting, what does running Android get me?" one person asked on the Internet Tablet Talk Web site that is sharing the technique for loading the software on the devices. " While this is kind of cool what I really want it for someone to port it to the Treo or Centro :)"
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Developers load Android onto Nokia Tablet

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