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+ - Intel's Ray Tracing Plans Bashed by Crytek->

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Vigile writes "Despite all good intentions, Intel continues to see a lot of its work on ray tracing countered by their competition as you'd expect, but also by the very developers that Intel is going to depend on for success in the gaming market. The first major developer to speak on the Intel Larrabee and ray tracing debate was id Software's John Carmack who basically said that Intel's current plans weren't likely to be implemented soon or ever. This time one of the developers from Crytek, responsible for the graphically impressive titles Far Cry and Crysis, Cevat Yerli sees at least 3-5 more years of pure rasterization technology before moving to a hybrid rendering compromise. Intel has previously eschewed the idea of mixed rendering but with more and more developers chiming in for it, it's likely where gaming will move."
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Intel's Ray Tracing Plans Bashed by Crytek

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