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+ - US Military Secrets Emailed to Factory Hand

Submitted by
The Narrative Fallacy
The Narrative Fallacy writes "Factory worker Gary Sinnott had no idea when he set up his website to promote the town of Mildenhall in England that he would end up getting classified e-mails from the United States Air Force. The website has been sent hundreds of emails outlining highly classified information, including emails about military tactics and passwords intended for personnel at the neighboring US airbase. What began as a slow trickle of mundane messages soon escalated and hundreds of classified emails were sent from around the world after people mistook www.mildenhall.com for the military website www.mildenhall.af.mil. Sinnott said that when he initially reported the problem airbase officials did not appear phased. "At first their attitude was we are not worried, we are American, our security is great" but that after he informed the base that he had received information detailing the flight path to be used by the plane carrying President Bush on a visit to the region, officials went 'mental'. Now after years of trying to resolve the issue, Sinnott has been forced to close down his website because he is unable to cope with the sheer number of emails arriving in his inbox every day. A statement released by RAF Mildenhall confirmed that officials had tried to help Sinnott: "In November, we confirmed that our base servers blocked any emails going to this site and we sent out a base-wide email advising everyone to use appropriate government email domains and inform family and friends.""
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US Military Secrets Emailed to Factory Hand

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