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+ - 'Rogue' Spy Satellite Shot Down

Submitted by schi0244
schi0244 (1198521) writes "I (and others, I assume) have been skeptical of the true reasons that the US Military has destroyed the descending, inoperable, rogue spy satellite last night. I think that in all of the coverage of this story on the Internet and TV, I have yet to see an instance where the actual launch of the spy satellite was questioned. I make the following propositions about the launch itself & welcome community feedback:
  1. The Satellite was never meant to be operational,
  2. The Satellite was never meant to stay in orbit,
  3. The Satellite was launched with the intention that it be the penultimate test of the US National Missile Defense program against a strategic nuclear weapon,
  4. That the US National Missile Defense program has perfected the targeting system,
  5. The Satellite's approximated cost (not including delivery) has been overstated by the US Military and
  6. The difference between the true, classified cost and approximated cost is actually is an examplar of how US Intelligence agencies like the National Reconnaissance Office are able to hide their real expenditures.

FYI: The entire shoot down operation apparently cost approximately $40-60 Million (including a $10 Million Raytheon missile). Refer to point #6 for why it may have cost this much."
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'Rogue' Spy Satellite Shot Down

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