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+ - Perl guy looks to stay employed 2

Submitted by Not Old yet Perl Guy
Not Old yet Perl Guy (5735) writes "So I'm a guy who has been hacking code non-stop Perl since 1996. I never got around to making any CPAN contributions. I used to know C and other nifty things like that but all those skills have aged out in light of do-or-die year after year Perl hacking. I'm wondering how employable I am? What new skill should I add to my tool box if I want to keep employed for the next 10 years? What skills other than Perl do slashdotters find that they need? What hot new projects are rolling out in Perl. (Pretend I've been under a rock for five years.) And, where have all the Perl jobs gone?"
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Perl guy looks to stay employed

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