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+ - Finnish anti-censorship site censored

Submitted by
Leetteri writes "A Finnish site(in Finnish) criticizing censorship has been blocked by the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) of Finland. EFF has also released a statement. The censorship is based on a law that been in use since the start of 2008 and is supposed to censor ONLY child pornography. The censor is DNS-based and optional for ISP's but the government has announced that if the system wouldn't be used voluntarily, it would become forced. The site was apparently censored because it contains about 2/3's of the list of censored sites. The list is maintained by one part-time police officer and has been declared classified. Most sites are perfectly legal sites from the US and EU and consist mostly of gay- "barely 18" and fetish porn. The law itself states that it is only applied to FOREIGN sites and contains no information about sites linking to child porn. It is obviously against the Finnish constitution and freedom of speech, but it still passed without opposition."
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Finnish anti-censorship site censored

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