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+ - Finnish police censors critic of net censorship

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "Finnish police has had a child porn blacklist for some months now, and teleoperators can choose to prevent traffic to those sites in the list. The list itself is not public.

Matti Nikki ("Muzzy") (same guy who investigated the Sony's rootkit DRM system) has his own website which contains critics about the censorship system and also reverse-engineered list of domains being blocked by the censorship.

The site does not contain any pornographics material.

At Feb 13 Finnish police added this site into the list of blocked domains, and now at least clients from Elisa, one of finland's biggest ISPs, cannot access the site with it's original address and get a police's notification about child pornography site instead.

It seems that not all ISP's update the list every day so the block is not yet effective on some other finnish ISP's.

There is also news article about this in"
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Finnish police censors critic of net censorship

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