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+ - Shifts In The Computing Landscape. Asus, Lenovo, a->

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mrneutron2003 writes "Several fundamental PC market shifts are beginning to take place in an unlikely realm. The United States. With heavy hitting brands in the U.S. like Dell and HP at first glance it would seem we're quite well served here, but with the changing landscape of computing itself comes opportunity. Despite the fact that overall unit sales growth is slowing in the U.S. due to saturation and the fact that most actual growth is shifting to newer and less economically developed markets, this is really only true in the commodity desktop market. A market already under huge price and profit margin pressures. Solution? Cater to growth categories and higher margin product lines.

With the increasing desire for mobile connectivity, smaller form factors, and the continued strength in the laptop sector, players in the asian manufacturing sector are beginning to see the U.S. and it's affluent populace ripe for targeted marketing in these high growth, and high margin niche markets. Also some market missteps by the Dell gang the last many quarters has loosened the reigns on the U.S. market to some degree, a degree largely exploited up to this point by rival HP .

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Shifts In The Computing Landscape. Asus, Lenovo, a

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