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+ - Is Adobe spying on CS3 users?-> 2

Submitted by henrypijames
henrypijames (669281) writes "For months, users of Adobe Creative Suite 3 have been wondering why some of the applications regularly connect to which looks a lot like a private IP address but is actually a public domain address belonging to the web analytics company Omniture. Now allegations of user spying are getting louder, prompting Adobe Photoshop product manager John Nack to respond, though many remain unsatisfied with his explanation."
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Is Adobe spying on CS3 users?

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  • damn wtf
  • sadly, there is an opt-out, but it is cookie based!

    in the "2o7.net opt-out policy" they state that you can voluntarily opt out, but that since it is cookie based you will need to get a new cookie any time you update your computer, or browser, or flush your cookies...

    problem is, my browser isn't phoning home! the web-engine in photoshop is! (embedded opera??)

    so, hypothetically, even if i were to click "opt-out" in the safari, camino, firefox and wyzo, i have installed, and even if i did so for every user o

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