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Submitted by Lerc
Lerc (71477) writes "Computerworld has posted a response to people who called them on their use of the term Bricked in a recent article. They are standing beside their use of the term. It seems they support the idea of misleading headlines in order to gain reader attention arguing that the body of the article still provides accurate information. "The facts in the article are clear and straightforward, and if the headline gets the attention of one user who *won't* walk up to you Wednesday morning with a cheesed laptop, I think you'll agree the verbal slap upside the head is worth it.""
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Computerworld eats babies.

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  • I hope that the editor who posts this leaves the title intact, because it is obviously irony. Think about it: an inaccurate title on a story with correct details about a website that is trying to justify its use of inaccurate titles because their stories contain accurate details.

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