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sjvn writes "The official word will be out any minute now, but in the meantime DesktopLinux has learned that Dell will be releasing Ubuntu 7.10 ( on a laptop and desktop with immediate availability. And, as an extra added bonus, they're tossing in legal DVD-playback capability. In a word: "Neat!""
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Dell release Ubuntu 7.10-powered PCs

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  • I bet this is due in large part to the failure of Vista.

    Still - I'm pleasantly surprised to see Dell's continued and growing support of Linux.
    Add to that the fact that they've got some prices that simply can't be beat for low-mid end machines, and I'm actually recommending Dell to people.

    I build my own systems, but one of these days I'm going to crack and pick up a $500 Dell box and use it as a web box or media server or something.

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