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+ - Blockbuster to Stream Jackass2.5 Using Silverlight->

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Tech.Luver writes: "Limelight Networks announced that Blockbuster has exclusively selected Limelight Networks' rich media CDN and Microsoft Silverlight to provide the technical streaming capabilities for the first studio-backed feature streamed in its entirety — JACKASS 2.5. Available for free, courtesy of BLOCKBUSTER, at Jackassworld.com beginning Dec 19th through Dec 31st, `07, the US online distribution of JACKASS 2.5, an event made possible by the recent acquisition of Movielink by Blockbuster. ( http://techluver.com/2007/12/17/blockbuster-to-offer-studio-backed-free-broadband-movie-jackass-25-using-limelight-networks-and-microsoft-silverlight/ )"
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Blockbuster to Stream Jackass2.5 Using Silverlight

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