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+ - Demonstration of OpenSolaris on the mainframe 1

Submitted by BDPrime
BDPrime (1012761) writes "Sine Nomine Associates, the company working on porting OpenSolaris to the mainframe, is demonstrating the technology at the Gartner Data Center conference this week. David Boyes, the president, is giving the demos at the IBM booth with the support of Sun Microsystems. He said it will be ready for mainframe users "soon," but wouldn't divulge more than that.

It's a five-part video series on YouTube that could take up some time, but the demo, which is mostly in the last video, is pretty cool."
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Demonstration of OpenSolaris on the mainframe

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  • by jgt10 (1183467)
    Given that porting Unix to a mainframe was done 2 decades ago, this is a non-event.

    I suspect that the current UTS Global product can blow the doors off the Open Solaris port in performance and features and services.


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