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Networking (Apple)

+ - Leopard bug - SMB share access broken

Submitted by RMH101
RMH101 (636144) writes "I've just setup my new Macbook Pro with Leopard 10.5.1 and have noticed a killer problem: it doesn't work with my NAS and SMB shares, in fact SMB seems fairly comprehensively broken. Googling around, it seems I'm not alone: there's a fair number of people with the same problem, and Apple don't have a fix:
Main problem: when I connect to my (open, non password-protected) NAS SMB share via Finders "Go To Server" and SMB://my.nas.ip.address, it'll let me view the open shares on that device. However, opening one shows it as having blank contents. Creating a new folder within that folder via Finder causes the "New Folder" icon to appear for a split second, then vanish. The same NAS SMB shares work fine when accessed from OS X Tiger, Ubuntu, XP — and even from the Leopard machine via virtualised XP under Parallels — even showing the "New Folder" mentioned above.
What the hell is going on?

I've also noticed problems with the autodiscovery of network shares under Leopard, with devices appearing and disappearing in the sidebar randomly, and am failing to connect to open SMB shares on Windows boxes, too: it asks to authenticate as Guest or named user, and fails on both.

Is anyone else seeing similar issues, and more importantly has anyone got a fix? This has broken networking so badly that I'm going to have to revert to Tiger until one appears."
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Leopard bug - SMB share access broken

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