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Emulation (Games)

+ - Transgaming abondoning cedega Or unable to fix WoW-> 3

Submitted by Anonymous
Anonymous writes: Traditionally, TransGaming has responded quickly to WoW patch issues and not only communicated its efforts via its Web site and user forum, but issued a game engine update that fixes the problem within a matter of days. This time around, though, TransGaming representatives have ignored the 2.2.0 patch problems and refused to respond to bug reports and forum posts related to these issues. When I sent TransGaming a press request email asking what was going on, I was not given the benefit of a reply. ........ The only good news is, the latest Wine release solves all of the problems that Cedega has with WoW patch 2.2.0, so you don't need to go running back to Windows just yet, but you do need to install and configure Wine. Hope you're not missing out on any raids in the meantime.
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Transgaming abondoning cedega Or unable to fix WoW

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  • by QuantumG (50515)
    So the shit you pay for has worse service than the shit you don't.

    Love it.
    • by preem (1077475)
      the exact same reason why people use windows...ok, besides the 0.5% people who actually have use of it, but others...
      • by fohat (168135)
        I was just thinking earlier today about building a nice big fat linux box to play WoW on. I figured that with Cedega it would be a snap. Maybe I should hold that thought...

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