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+ - FCC asked to mandate 'e-mail address portability' 1

Submitted by nam37
nam37 writes: C|Net has an article up about the Federal Communications Commission being asked to create mandatory "e-mail address portability." The petition to the FCC (warning .PDF) based on the idea that because the U.S. Post Office offers to forward physical mail, and because FCC rules require telephone service providers to offer number portability, the same principle should be extended to e-mail accounts.
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FCC asked to mandate 'e-mail address portability'

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  • This would be a bit difficult to accomplish. Unlike the United States Postal Service which is responsible for delivering all of your mail to your physical address, there is no one organization which is responsible for delivering emails. The USPS does offer TEMPORARY mail forwarding to another physical address, but will not relocate your house just so you can keep your old address (which would be a new address altogether). An email provider may also choose to provide some mail forwarding.

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