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+ - How Do I Build a Micro ISP? 1

Submitted by mpapet
mpapet (761907) writes "I live in a typical suburban neighborhood where it would be quite economical and well within my capabilities for me to provide Internet access to my neighbors. Except the problem I have is figuring out how to get neighbors connected to my data pipe.

Running an outdoor cat5 has multiples of low wife-acceptance factor (WAF) and isn't really expandable. It's easy to imagine my setup would rely on wireless, but I don't have any clear sense of how to scale it to maybe 10 houses or what kind of stuff to use. What technology would you recommend?"
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How Do I Build a Micro ISP?

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  • There are lots of non-WiFi solutions for wireless point-to-multipoint access. Alvarion is a favorite, and it's easy to trust the Motorola name (Motorola also has WiFi stuff, and Alvarion may now, too). I'm not sure any of them have kept pace with the improvements in 802.11g and draft-n, though. The most important part will not be which boxes you use.

    Your antennas, weatherproofing, routing table, firewalls, access controls, and proper bandwidth shaping (if necessary) will be far more important at this scale.

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