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The Courts

+ - Judge bars RIAA prez from testifying in P2P case-> 3

Submitted by Eskimo Joe
Eskimo Joe (666) writes "A federal judge surprised observers in the Captiol v Thomas file-sharing trial today by barring RIAA president Cary Sherman from testifying. 'After a brief recess this afternoon, plaintiffs' counsel Richard Gabriel and defendant's counsel David Toder made their cases before the judge as to the relevance of Sherman's testimony. Toder argued that Sherman's testimony was not relevant to the question at hand, the fact of whether Thomas was liable for copyright infringement. Gabriel said that Sherman would be able to tell the jury why this case was significant, and more importantly, describe the harm the RIAA believes piracy has caused to the music industry. "I don't want to turn this case into a soap box for the recording industry," Toder argued in response.' Testimony wrapped up today with closing arguments expected Thursday morning."
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Judge bars RIAA prez from testifying in P2P case

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  • It's hardly unexpected that the president wouldn't be appearing in court, of course they'd want to avoid that at all costs.
    • You mean the defense would want to avoid it. Plaintiff would love to have a well-groomed, suave witness up there to tell the jury how the big, bad copyright infringers are destroying the musical institutions of America. Won't anyone think of the children? They may have to live in a future with out music, because piracy killed the industry...
  • Just reading the article made me laugh out loud. The president of the RIAA is saying how piracy is killing the music business and how they are "not trying to extract damages" from people, but to "prove a point" - oh, so this isn't actually about money at all? The RIAA just want to see justice done so that the artists can continue working? Yeah, right. Face it, RIAA - you got away with ripping people off for years, until everyone got pissed at your greed and discovered "another way". I'm afraid that it's to

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